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    I have applied for the Network/Systems Admin. positions at Palmer and South Pole.

    I have lived in AK 10 years
    Worked in remote locations for Net/Sys Admin. 6 years.
    I also have 13 years on boats of all types from Yachts in to crabbers. Until last May I carried a 100 ton USCG Masters

    In my present position I support 11 remote locations.

    How hard is it to get into Palmer or South Pole IT?


    hello AK 3234 — welcome to the board! What part of Alaska did you live in? (I’ve got a brother in Seward.)

    If you applied recently, well, it’s outside of the normal hiring times — most of the hiring is usually done in April-May for positions starting in either August or October. But heck, why not apply now… maybe they need someone for a winter position.

    As far as “how hard is it to get to Palmer or Pole”, if you were applying for a GA or carpenter position I’d say very difficult. Lots of competition, you know. For network admin, your chances are *much* better. If you’re serious, keep bugging them! Persistence is key.

    Have you considered applying for a ship position? They sometimes need network folks too. USAP shipboard positions pay better too, although it is also considerably more work (12on/12off schedule, no days off during the cruises).

    Good luck!



    Right now I live in Sitka.

    I spent 2 years as the Net Admin at the Tesoro Refinery in Kenai. My brother lives in Sterling. I just got back from a visit a few weeks ago. I used to Fish 2A out of Seward. I also applied for a shipboard position on the Gould. I jump back on a boat every time I get the opportunity. Overwinter would be fine. I’m hoping they are looking for overwinter in Feb. I’m open for anything.

    Are you on the Ice? In IT?


    Hey there, AK —

    Don’t care for McMurdo? This is a REAL station. More of an opportunity for a job as a Net Admin or Sys Admin here.

    Oh, and one little correction – the term is ‘winterover’. 🙂

    They’re hiring for winter right now. They’ll be hiring for nest summer in the spring.

    Good luck.




    I have no problem with McMurdo! I’m just going by the postings on the Raytheon website. Winterover would be exellent! I have not seen anything on the website for McMurdo? Anyone on the inside I could contact?



    Hey, AK —

    On the RPSC website, 99% of the jobs listed are for McMurdo. It’s just the assumed location unless Palmer, Pole, or Denver is specifically mentioned. Many more job opportunites here than any of the other places. Better chance to work here than anywhere else. Pole comes in second for FNG jobs.

    Also, the contracts here dovetail beautifully with the seasons in AK. Lots of AK folks down here in the summer.

    Best of luck to you.



    Many of the science jobs at Pole are becoming heavily IT oriented. Of the last 6 winter overs I’ve hired for IceCube half of them have been specifically Sys/Net Admins (UNIX/Cisco), and the others scientist with strong skills in these areas.

    We are hiring winter overs right now, along with positions based in Madison with potiential summer deplyments.

    It sounds like you would be a strong candidate for the WO jobs. Also look for jobs with projects such as the BICEP, QUAD. and SPT (South Pole Telescope based at U of Chicago).



    Hello Everyone,
    I am new to the board here and wanted to know if anyone has information on IT positions. I booked my stay in Denver for the job fair next month and am really looking forward to it, but I am worried about my lack of a degree. I have been working in the IT industry for about 8 years now as the support operations manager for a small company here in Detroit. I have my Microsoft MCSE and Cisco CCNA certifications, and have many years of hands on experience designing, implementing, and supporting network solutions, but I do not have a college degree.
    How competitive are the IT positions for Antarctica? Is it even possible to get a contract without one? I am very interested in going there for the summer and if I cannot get an IT position, I am willing to take pretty much any job that I can get. What types of positions are available for people without a degree?
    Thanks For Your Advice


    Hi Eric,

    Welcome to the board!

    There’s lots of positions for people without a degree, but they won’t pay anywhere near as much as an IT job. Unless you have some other skills, you’re probably just as likely to get hired by IT as any other position. (Unskilled positions are extremely competitive.)

    Regarding the competitiveness of the IT positions, it’s really hard to say — some years they go wanting for any qualified candidates, and at other times they have lots of applicants. In your case, without a degree but with experience, my guess is that it will come down to whether you’re “in the right place at the right time”, which is to say that if nobody else with better credentials applies, they might hire you.

    Obviously that’s all just a guess and I know it doesn’t help much. They do use Microsoft networking apps and Cisco switches, so your previous experience is a real plus. All I can say is, apply, be persistent, and keep your fingers crossed.

    Good luck!


    PS — BTW, I saw your post over on Mike Poole’s board too. That’s the way to do it, ping every potential source for help!


    Hello All,

    I’ll be at the job fair in April. Looking for an IT positionin October.

    See you there!

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