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    Since I haven’t been seeing too many people say that they’ve officially gotten contracts, I thought I’d start a thread where people can post where they’ve gotten so far. I’m starting to get a little ansty myself, considering that I’ve been “In review” for three positions for over a month now, with no additional word from anybody regarding interviews. Are most people in the same boat, or is this a bad sign for me? I think my boss is getting a little worried too, since we’re moving into end of the year mode now and whether I’ll be around in the fall will impact a lot of decisions he has to make. I’d like to be able to give him a yes or no soon so he can plan accordingly, especially because he’s currently debating whether or not to buy a new laptop before accounts close for the year and pass down his current Macbook Pro to me.


    job one I applied for mar 11. In review and did the hire rite stuff. Waiting for what’s next.
    Job two I applied mar 28. Not in consideration.
    Job three mar 28 recieved.


    I applied for 3 positions (janitor, lead janitor, & store clerk) around the 2nd week of march. I just found out that one was already filled by previous employees (little miffed cause the clerk position woulda been perfect for me.), and the other 2 resumes are in the review process. No calls for phone interviews or anything yet but i am really hopeful.


    The area I’m applying to is Facilities related. I’ve also tossed in for equipment operation as recently as 4/15.
    The status is as follows:
    Jobs 1&2: apps. submitted 03/05/09- “Received”
    Jobs 3&4: apps. submitted 03/08/09- “Received”
    Job 5: app. submitted 04/15/09- “Received”
    Tehashi- Try not to be miffed. It is what it is, and if roles were reversed, and the job went to a new guy, you’d probably be even less pleased. It’ll all be good. In the words of Obiwan, “Patience, young paduan…” We’ll get there.
    Pete- You’ve got point. Good luck in the final stretch
    Mradyfist- word I hear is that some of the hiring manager folks are not even back in the Denver office yet, having just left the ice a relatively short while ago, and taking some well deserved time off. Depending on what departments you are looking at, you might be in the same boat I am, i.e.: Hurry up to make sure you are close to the top of the review pile, then wait…and wait…and
    Deep breaths everyone, deep breaths…and don’t forget your mantra.
    Good luck to all,


    Neutron…you, my friend, get bonus points for the star wars reference. Hope your applications go well!


    Thought I’de add this as there is no good list or really idea as to what happens. (Oh and I did apply for another spot on 3/19 that is still just recieved)

    Put my main app in March 11th. Just over a month later my status switched from recieved to in review. At the same time I got an email asking if I was still interested in pursueing my candidacy.
    I replied “Yes! Yes! Yes!” in those business like terms- Dear Raytheon, I am still very much interested in the opportun…….
    The next day I got an email with a login to HireRight with the notice I had 30 days to complete the online application and that once sumbitted, my login would be dsiabled and no changes could be made.
    Finished up the online stuff last weekend and still waiting to see what happens next.

    Maybe an email or call to see if they can set up an interview, or maybe nothing and my background check flubbed. And of course I don’t even know if I’m shooting for an alternate slot with the primary already filled.


    I’m doing the happy dance and beaming out good thoughts on your behalf. What I’ve read of your posts sounds like you know the drill. If it is meant to be, it will be. 😎


    The application and interview process is definitely of the “hurry up and wait” variety. If it helps, one of the reasons that you haven’t heard anything yet on most positions may be because the PQ tests/labs are supposed to be done within 6 months of deployment. Since most positions don’t start until October, they probably wait until May to get people started on the process.

    Been There

    For all you folks new to the USAP, “Hurry Up and Wait” is something you will have to learn tp deal with. If you can’t you will not have a good experience.




    Have been phone interviewed by the manager and contacted by HR. Should recieve the letter Monday and the drug packet shortly after. This was for the VMF. Still have several in review. I do have a primary contract for mainbody and as with everyone else an alternate for win-fly, if they have a win-fly.


    Hi All

    I’ve gotten the job offer and just signed it, also received the drug screen stuff in the mail.


    capn steve
    Woman on ice left a question on another thread about families on ice. Can you give her an answer?


    capn steve and womanonice, you are both returning employees, correct? I’m assuming Raytheon hires the returning employees first, and then starts to work on the new people. The idea that they’re waiting until well within the 6-month window for PQ before giving out contracts is relieving, I feel better about being in limbo for so long now. It just seemed so strange to hear back quickly about a position, fill out an application which mainly just reiterates my resume, and then no response for a month.

    It’s going to be a little crazy at my current job if I end up getting a contract on the ice, because my boss (who is the technology lead for the school) is applying for, and has a good chance of getting, a position as the technology department head for the entire district. So the people who get hired to replace us will both be brand new to the school and the way we do things here; I’m just hoping that both my boss and I find out soon enough that we can get the new people in and train them a bit before the school year ends. Since the contract doesn’t start until October and school starts up again in early September, I’d hopefully be around for a little bit to help with the beginning of the school year (not a good time to be a new guy), but spring is such a better time to show someone the ropes here.


    So I confirmed that my info has been passed off to the Hiring Manager, but I have no idea how long it will be before they look at it or get back to me.
    I’m sending off my passport renewal today since it expired in March. That should get it back in plenty of time.
    I heard you can possibly be reimbursed for that so I’ll save the receipts.
    Any other tasks you can get out of the way? Are the PQ requirements something requiring the Raytheon paperwork, or for something like a physical, is a current one good enough?
    I’ll hold off buying anything like a new laptop or camera, not quite so much because it is dependent on getting an offer, but more that as soon as I buy it, the new models will come out.
    Have to do a bunch of research on the current crop of Nikon and Cannon Digitial SLRs anyway. Thinking a basic point and shoot type lens and a good telephoto.
    Now I’m just trying to track down a copy of Susan Fox’es book. The nearby shops would have to order it so it looks like Amazon. I do have the blogtalkradio show with the author and a few of the contributors, so I’ll listen to that in a bit.
    Any tips for interviewing? I’m thinking the “you need a superhero on the ice” tack might not be the way to go.
    Thanks everyone!

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