How many poeple on the board are currently on the ice?

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    Curiosity has gotten to me. I was wondering how many people on the board are actually on the ice right now? I’m pretty sure Atlas is??? who else???

    By the way thanks to everyone who stepped up and pulled the board out of the fire and saved it from near death. We (or at least me) are all very grateful for preserving this board.


    I am – will be here until the big orange boat pulls out on April 2nd.
    (No, there is more than just McMuro – I’m at Palmer Station).


    Been There

    I am not currently on the ice but hope to be back in the near future. The majority of the folks that routinely post answers have all spent significant time on the ice and one station or the other, including Palmer. If you have never been south you likely don’t understand that exchange between individuals at different stations. I have been to all of the currently active stations and many that are now closed and you will never get me to say which one I like the most. They are all different.

    Been There


    Yes, I’m here…but only for 35 more days! 😀


    I am! 😉 (The smoothest shuttle driver around?) I’m here for another 4 cookie days!!! 😆


    Mike is still here. A few others as well that haven’t made the switch. I’m going to have to find coastycook and get her on here.
    Originally scheduled out on the 13th, I’ve been pushed back to the 20th.


    we’re looking for an optimist, or indeed more than one who’d like to join our Facebook group

    we’ve currently got almost 1,700 members in 41 countries across 6 of the 7 continents… you can see where I’m going with this… to be a truly global social movement it would be awesome to find someone “on the ice” who would like to join.

    yours optimistically

    James (Founder)
    The Optimists Society


    Somebody is lookin at end of season Ice people to be optimists? What a crackup.

    Must be junk mail.


    Mike, if you checked the link you would realise that it isnt! We are genuinely looking for someone on the ice…


    Here’s some of the optimistic thoughts I’ve heard in past seasons…

    “The PQ and hiring process is easy, right?”
    “Well, medical isn’t going to lose *my* x-rays.”
    “I’m going to use my frequent-flier miles to upgrade my ticket.”
    “I just had a few expenses. Reimbursements should be easy and quick!”
    “The Center for Excellence should now have all my correct payroll information.”
    “On my way home, I can stop over in Sydney at no extra charge!”
    “The contracted travel agency will be able to help me with all my needs.”
    “The $3000 vacation I booked on-line starts five days after my redeployment date. Good planning, eh?”
    “My flight out will leave on time.”
    “Maybe I can get a refund?”

    Got more?


    I am currently on the Ice. I run the deli at McMurdo (and loving it, most days anyway).


    At SANAE IV till 20 Feb.



    Sorry, I thought is was a junk post fishing for people.

    Our reaction is that you are reaching people at the end of a hard season. We work 60 hours a week 6 days a week. We do get an hour lunch break in there, but on average we work all the time, and by now people are getting a bit burnt out.

    The greenery of New Zealand is 1 to 3 weeks away now for most and the focus is on traveling and the next life.

    The optomist season probably starts next october.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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