How’s the food at McMurdo?

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    Yee-ha! After a long delay due to a bad crown on my tooth I have finally been PQed. I’ll be coming down in October to work as a janitor. I am just curious to find out how the food is down there. I eat really healthy– mostly a high protein, low carb diet with lots of fresh veggies and fruit. I’m hoping that the food will agree with me. Can you McMurdo residents tell me what a typical meal looks and tastes like and whether or not you like the food being served. I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts and opinions.


    Hi MW,

    The food service at McMurdo is cafeteria-style, with a large variety. Chances are that you’ll find something you like at every meal.

    I wish I could say that they’ll have *lots* of healthy fresh veggies and fruit (known on the Ice as “freshies”) but the reality is that most of it is imported by plane and there can be limited quantities. The other factor is that there are a lot of people who work outside and crave hearty foods, plus a lot of big guys, so there’s definitely a meat-and-potatoes crowd that has to be satisfied.

    Really, the good news is that over the years the menu has expanded, become healthier overall, and generally tastier. For most meals, at least, I think you’ll be okay. I’m not necessarily suggesting this, but some picky eaters will take Tupperware containers to meals and grab extra of the things they like. That way, when the next meal comes along where there’s nothing they want, they’ll have something back at their dorm room that they can microwave (the rooms all have refrigerators and the dorms have microwaves). If you think you may want to do that perhaps it would be wise to pack a few microwavable containers for food storage.



    …By the way, congratulations on getting PQ’d!

    The reason I don’t endorse the Tupperware solution is because of the abuse I’ve seen. Every year it seems there are a few people who come in and load up containers with the good stuff — foods that everybody wants — leaving nothing for the next person in line. This is especially true with freshies and fresh baked bread. It can cause friction. For instance, if someone is seen taking a bunch of bananas for their own I guarantee someone else will get in their face and have harsh words — and understandably so! You’ll see.

    Taking food back to your room is not usually a problem so long as people share.


    count on lots of protein in the form of red meats and chicken, lots of carbs, canned veggies, few freshies, an increase in your cholesterol counts and the December run of either salisbury steak or flank steak.

    in general I like the food but I grew up eating at roadstop diners in Montana, so that’s what you should expect EXCEPT for the Thanksgiving and Christmas meals which are the among the best on Earth.

    here at south pole we have much better food, hands down, even in the summer. sorry guys.

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