I am PQ'd!!!

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    Hello everyone,
    Just rec’d word today that I made it!  Will be joining you this fall  – as a shuttle driver. 
    Was a long process for me….. and I am on the last week of working at my current job- so was a tad bit nervous  (to say the least!)
    Shuttle Jo


    Congrats Jo!!!!!


    Yeah Jo
    I know the feeling. I started my PQ stuff back at the mid part of May as soon as I got the contract and it was only this last week that I got the OK. Talk about waiting till the last minute. I’m heading down on the first flight of Winfly. Should be flying to denver on the 12th. Leaving out of Baltimore.
    See ya soon


    Hey Mike, wow — what a long process. Glad you’re on track. Congrats to you too, Shuttle Jo!
    I’ve been quiet about my plans until now because I didn’t know if I was going back this season. The past two weeks have been really hectic because I got a last-minute offer and had to scramble to get PQ’d. I think I set some kind of speed record at completing the medical checklist, and just got the good word today that I can deploy.
    In the Atlas thread, Susan asked: “Glenn are you going back to Pole, Palmer, McMurdo or staying in Washington?” The answer is… “None of the Above!”
    For the first time I won’t be retracing my steps as RA. Instead I’ll be on the NBP during the upcoming cruise in September-October. (Am I crazy? Prob’ly.) The ship is leaving from and returning to Chile, so I’ll miss all the deployment fun in Chch. I don’t think we’ll be stopping in at MCM this time but I’m hoping we’ll make a visit at Palmer.


    Hey cool Glenn,
    Sounds like fun. Watch out for those big waves. Sounds like something you’ve wanted to do for a while. I hope you enjoy it.


    Rec’d word that I will be starting the journey down on Oct. 5. arriving at McMurdo on the 11th.    Family and friends are throwing a “See ya” party on the 29th.  So if anyone finds themself in the middle of Kansas then – feel free to stop on by.    
    Can’t wait to meet everyone!
    Shuttle Jo


    You are going to love being a shuttle driver. Low pay, but one of the coolest jobs. You get to meet everyone and you spend half your life driving out on the ice runway.
    ps  Am on my way to Denver for a winfly flight so won’t be in Kansas for the party.


    LOL… darn…. (I’ll save you a pretzel)

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