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    Well, they have gotten here too, the I drive is now no lnger allowed to be used to share anything whatsoever, no music or any media files are allowed there any more, sign the papers and they can kick you from the I drive or off the network altogether.
    Bring Music, we need it.


    Can we still share photos on the I-Drive?  What exactly are the new rules?  My CD burner is broke, so I was gonna use the I-Drive as my way of putting things onto the network so I could burn stuff on the company computers.  But really, I still want to be able to share photos.  What’s going on?


    Hi, I’m Tizoc, one of the SysAdmin’s here on station.  In answer to your question, yes, you may still place photos up on the I drive (in fact there is already quite a selection).  As far as media files (.avi, .mp3s and their numerous variations) are concerned, it’s best not to place up on the drive.  They suck up a lot of space and server becomes more of a premium every year (or so I’ve been told).
    As far as burners are concerned, they are numerous persons with burners on their laptops and I believe various machines have them, however, if you can find me I’m happy to burn a set of photos for you.


    Zondra , as Tizoc said you can still trade photos on the I drive. What you can’t do is trade copywrited items such as commercial music or movies. That the legality end of things. If they allowed it, it wouldn’t be a lot different then Napster providing a free place to trade music. You can’t do it legally anywhere else and it’s no different here.


    Exactly Mike, they are just following normal rules of protocol these days, pics are everywhere and some funny vids still, with permission of course as most sites allow you to put links to their stuff or at least have their sites emblazoned across the pic or vid so they allow posting of it without infringing copyright laws, but thats a whole other argument, like not downloading music files, what if they are ones you have bought through Realplayer or Media player?
    Same deal is in the table as last year Zondra, if you are back in MMI or Cal, see me and you can burn your stuff on my DVD-R burner. just dump your stuff on your H drive and access it through my comp and burn from there, the comps in Cal are still a little tempremental and so you want to make sure to send yourself a few discs as well.
    Hope to see you down here soon, after a week of delays in Cheech of course.

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