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    Jo posted this on the general board where all the junk mail ends  up. I’ve recopied it here since we will all be wanting to congratulate her. Congrats Jo.

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    Happy to report that I have been selected as a Primary. (Shuttle Driver)
    I now am waiting for the drug kit to arrive.  Turns out there is a lab 25 miles from me – so that is good!  I guess there will be an “HR Paperwork Packet” to follow.

    I appreciate everyone posting what you are going through – and the steps to expect.  I’m a little nervous over the delay in receiving my renewed passport – but guess others have had to wait up to 10 weeks.  (I’m close to that now)
    I’m sure we’ll talk more!



    Jo, Next step is the most important of all. Get the meds done as soon as possible. If you have any problems keep in touch with Medical and HR to make sure delays don’t impact you negatively.
    My medical and dental exams are monday and tuesday. Friday I drove to Grants Pass Ore to get the blood work done. They didn’t know to check the Labcorp computer roles to find my info. Had to wait a half an hour while they figured it out. Hopefully all will be fine.
    Anyway congrats again. Most shuttle drivers enjoy the job. Sharon can fill you in more.


    Thanks Mike,

    I am waiting on the paperwork to arrive.  Turns out there is a lab 25 miles away – so that is really nice for me.

    thanks for all the help …. and I am still watching and learning from everyone so hope they continue posting helpful tips!


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    Mike, I think Jo knows Shuttle Bill.  I’m sure he’s told her how much fun the job is!  Good luck, Jo!


    Yes! I do know him….. but would love to hear your suggestions!  I bet there will be a large difference between his version and another woman’s.  (He said: “oh… you only need one bag”).

    My email is posted … if you would like to share more.  I have a few questions (ha ha)



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    Jo, you probably need more stuff than you can fit in one bag. However, it’s a lot nicer to travel with one and a carry on. Sometime in summer start mailing everything you don’t need until later in the season. Most people will mail 4 or 5 boxes of things. You will want some really nice dressy clothes. Some of the other girls will be better than me at this, but since everyone wears the same clothes at work, it’s nice to feel different off of work. Don’t forget a halloween costume. Thats a first year party you want to attend. After almost 8 years I don’t really go to the parties anymore, but as a first timer you will enjoy the festivities. Christmas dinner is a real dress up event as well. If you mail a halloween costume, it will be arriving at the end of october or beginning of November, If it gets there late, have a second option.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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