"I was a shooter; so were the French." — Tom Gardiner (Mossad, COINTELPRO, ONI)

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    George H.W. Bush in Dealey Plaza, Nov. 22, 1963 (photo)

    (My father’s brother Paul worked for NASA.)

    “I was a shooter; so were the French.” — Tom Gardiner (Mossad, COINTELPRO, ONI)

    Tom Gardiner (Mossad, COINTELPRO, ONI) has been torturing me in the astral plane since I left my husband, a Marine assigned to me. Tom is a government psychic warrior as in David Morehouse’s book “Psychic Warrior.” When operatives torture infants in satanic rituals it gives them energy in the astral plane.

    I was a target from birth, identified as a spiritual person, and because I was raised by a family involved in the Kennedy assassination.

    I am a survivor of satanic ritual abuse and mind control.

    When I moved into this apartment house in September 2003 Tom lived upstairs. (Richard Hanning, Jr., the government-assigned husband, had moved to Kentucky to take a job.) I had seen this apartment house on the internet a year or two earlier and taken an interest in it. It was one of two I assume the government purchased in the event I moved to purchase them.

    Tom says he would have been a neighbor in the other one if I had moved into the other one.

    Please see:

    http://wcca.wicourts.gov/index.xsl search on: “Gardiner, Thomas”






    I met a nice man and decided to leave my husband. I have been openly targeted since then, and have learned that the primary purpose of government is to control romantic relationships/marriages.

    My siblings and I were targets because of the covert activities of our parents.

    “She’s the only one who’s telling the truth about the Kennedy assassination?” asked Tom.

    Please see:

    “Harry E. Landsberg, Jr. — resemblance to man in photo with Specer”


    “Study of Evil — a World Reappraised”


    Dialogue in the astral plane:

    Charles Harrelson says he may not have been a shooter. He was there, a tramp, possibly programmed to believe he’d fired a shot or shots.

    “Forty years is a lot of time and a lot of money to spend covering up this one truth.” Phil McGraw, civilian/military/highest level

    Programming has got to be against the law. It’s a violation of your personal space.

    “It was supposed to be hidden, permanently,” said Michael.

    “It’s possible people were programmed to believe they were shooters during the re-enactment (1964.)” — Harry

    Movie sets. It was done on movie sets.

    “It’s meant to be real so if you’re drugged or under duress you will remember it.” — Harry

    “The Presidency is really nothing.” (Of any country, he means.)

    “Kennedy had the audacity to believe he was actually running the country.” — Phil McGraw

    “They would only give the Holy Spirit of God to the highest secret operative in existence.” — Harry

    Which means the Illuminati planned this since their beginning, presumably sometime after the death of Christ.

    I’m gonna have to pay Richard back for room and board. (Richard Hanning, Jr., Nazi Vril)

    “I would torture you ’til there’s nothing left of you.” — Tom, sincerely

    “We’re not fucking around.” — Michael and Tom (Michael, former Archangel)

    “I think we’ve proven it.” — McKibbage (contact of Ike’s — Dwight D. Eisenhower, my attorney for the divorce who took my money and then severed the relationship)

    Please see:

    “Harry E. Landsberg, Jr., CIA Maltese Falcon: Kennedy assassination,
    IRAN/CONTRA” (alt.politics.org.cia)



    Laura Landsberg

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