I'm going to the job fair, what else?

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    That is the $64,000 dollar question.
    With every group of jobs having a different manager it’s hard to pinpoint how you should be. Tradespeople, like carps and electricians have different requirements than a nurse or dentist. For the most part you’ll have to rely on your own skills to stand out. You have to be careful not to oversell yourself to the point that it’s obvious you are not what you are claiming to be. Most of the people you talk to have been to the ice, know the job and will have a fair idea if you have the skills needed.
    Maybe you remodeled your house and are a handy home carpenter. You apply as a carp, but right away they figure out you don’t know what a cripple wall is. Are you in trouble at that point?  Who knows?  The interviewers may have lesser jobs in mind that you would  be perfect for. It’s going to depend on who you talk to.
    Also remember that nobody actually gets hired out of the job fair. That is all done down the road after applications are looked at and references called. It is supposed to be a way for the public to find out about jobs. This only works out in your favor if you impress the interviewing managers enough to allow you to keep in touch with them. When the applications finally end up on his or her desk, you want them to see your application and say ” Oh yes, I remember this person and I liked them”.
    So if they give you a business card with a phone number, ask if you can call them every couple of weeks to check in for a few moments.
    How is that for an answer?  I haven’t been to the job fair for a few years now so some of the newer people here may have more to add.

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