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    Baghdad Jim

    About internet access…

    1. is it government or Raytheon Corp?

    2. if so, can you plug personal computers into it?

    3. commercial internet available?

    4. bandwidth time-of-day restrictions?

    5. content restrictions?
    (like, will I still be able to DL the midgit monkey luv hour)


    1. Government, but managed by Raytheon
    2. Yes, you can plug in your own computer. It has to be inspected and approved. No peer to peer software installed. No network tools software.
    3) No commercial internet. We have a single connection, shared by everyone. Manageable in the winter. Way slower in the summer.
    4) No real bandwith restrictions, but the truth is that the pipe isn’t big enough for everyone. They prioritize and you will be on the bottom of the list. If you download something so big you kill the system, you will be booted off by the administrators.
    5)Content- you are bound by the same confines as on any government system. You sign a paper dealing with specific contents. For sure you cant use the company computers.

    Baghdad Jim

    Thats about what I imagined, (except for being allowed to plug a personal ‘puter in). I think thats the same setup our gov’t IT contractors (CIS) have out here. Thanks.

    Today started a new one for us – the SmartFilter now catorgizes blogger ‘edit post’ links as a restricted anonymizer service…go figure..we can still post and read–but not edit old posts unless to delete.

    pretty soon, I expect Martha Stewart to be banned as an extremist site… 😯 😛


    Hi Jim…
    In the small world department I must first wish you the best of luck getting down south…it is a great place. Our satellite tech last winter at Pole spent a bunch of time in Iraq with special forces and as a contractor doing stuff he couldn’t tell us about….more of interest is friend Dave Gallas who is doing IT stuff at Camp Victory as we speak. He wintered at Palmer Station in 1989 and has a couple of blogs going, one on his current stuff and one on his time at Palmer….which includes the time a certain Argentine ship sank just offshore…

    Baghdad Jim

    Bill, thanks for the link! I always like reading blogs from the people over here…particularly the civilians. Most of our companies put a strangle hold on that sort of thing. I’ve got one stretching back into 04′ but I’m careful to not put any pers identifiable info in it. (company frowns on that sort of thing)

    Theres another IT blogger thats been around a while with the same title– only he’s in Taji. Almost threw me for a loop.


    As far as SmartFilter is concerned, this page may be informative:

    Baghdad Jim

    hahahaha….yup…perfect example of how our Legion of Doom is out to thwart me..

    I click on that link and get:
    You were denied access because:
    Access denied by SmartFilter content category. The requested URL belongs to the following category: Anonymizers.

    however, using “” brings it up somewhat, (in my handy-dandy google toolbar o’ the gods). And it’s looking like I’ll have to do the same for most of those sites listed. But then again, they also have listed as hate speach/extremism.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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