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    After I fill out the HireRight application…I’ll prob have a phone interview I would assume. For the people that have already had interviews…what is it like…what kinds of questions were u asked so I can prepare?
    Thanks in advance,

    Baghdad Jim

    dunno–good question though.  Just got my hireright tonight.  I hope they can schedule calls.


    I’d be interested in the process as well. It’s been many years since I went through this and they did not do the hirerite apps then.


    Not really sure. I applied after the job fair 3 years ago and was called first and then had the hreright pack sent out, med pack came right after that but I heard that was not how it usually goes, guess I hit a spot they needed filled fast and cat through the red tape somewhat, and they wonder why I am called Lucky, hahaha.
    2 of my friends have been contacted by e-mail and told that HireRight forms are on the way to them for filling out, I think they phone interviews may come then but they already met the hiring managers at the job fair so that part may be skipped. I think that Rebecca who is wintering may know better about these aspects though if you could ask her Mike.
    All the best to all.


    I don’t have much time to write just now, but as I’m about halfway through the process and it’s quite fresh in my mind, I though I might be able to help a little bit.

    Here’s how it went:

    I applied online. About a week later I was sent the HireRight App, which I returned immediately. Silence. Then, on a layover on my way to Denver for the fair I got a call from my POC. She asked to schedule a phone interview, but I mentioned my location and she said I could just drop in to the office. When I got to the fair (first in line) I was whisked away from the cool movie and cooler people right off to have an interview. It was about :15; questions asked were on the order of: why do you want to work in Antarctica? Do you get on well with others? Just afterwards the interviewer sat me down with an FEMC construction foreman; we chatted about roofing, plywood, and snow caves for about :10 and then he informed me I’d be hired. I loafed around, met people at the Job Fair, went home. The offer letter came today.

    I suppose this must have been kinder to me than it is for most people, judging from what I’ve read here and on If you’ve any other question I’ll do my best to try and answer them. It’s great to finally be able to help you all with something after you’ve spent so much time satiating my own curiosity.

    hope that helps,



    First of all: congrats, Ian!  Hope the rest of your experience goes just as smoothly.
    What is the site you mentioned?  I tried to check it out, but just got a message that the page is under construction.



    It’s seems pretty empty but has a bit of old information. I found it helpful.

    Have fun with it, and thanks–I haven’t been more excited for anything in my life.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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