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    Harold, I was quite impressed with your pictorial report on what you do.

    1. Is this your first visit to Antarctica?
    2. Since the beams are so dangerously slippery, is your body tethered to something to keep you from falling in case you slip?
    3. Don’t your hands get frozen very quickly???? 
    4. Is most of the ironwork for McMurdo done during the winter to prepare for the upcoming summer?
    5. Were you an ironworker before you went to Antarctica?

    [align=left:4smr3q98]Be safe..[/align:4smr3q98] [align=left:4smr3q98]annadune[/align:4smr3q98] [align=left:4smr3q98] [/align:4smr3q98]

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