I've got a pair of Arctic boots on right now as I type this.

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    I’ve got n old pair of Government Arctic boots on right now as I type this.
    These are the heavy white kind made many decades ago with the air valves on the sides that you have to screw open if you go in an aircraft.
    The floor in this computer room is exceptionally cold this winter and I’ve found my old 50 below boots keep my feet toasty warm while I’m in here typing.


    I am a wimp when it comes to cold weather so I ordered a huge coat from a company that brags thier ware is meant for the Artic. Although people stare at me like where are the snow dogs I feel very blessed to have it on! It even snaps all around the head so only the goggle part shows.
    I know not very fashionable for a young lady and esp since I live in the SouthWest here in America but one frosty kiss from the wind and I am grabbing my coat.
    Where were you able to purchase the boots from? Could it be purchased online? 


    Hey IR and These
    Guess what? Your boots aren’t old. They are the boots that we get issued down here. Same ones with the little air valve and all. If you want to buy a pair try  searching for Bunny Boots. That is the common name for them. The boots are extremely warm and have multiple layers of insulation. The problem is that because they are sealed, if your feet perspire there is no place for the moisture to go so you have to carry extra socks and change them out every few hours.
    Every couple of years they weigh the boots to see if the inside layers have absorbed moisture. Once they get too heavy they are not suitable for Antarctica anymore.
    I’m in Christchurch New Zealand now and Lorie and I are due to pick up our gear this afternoon. If all goes well we’ll be on the flight south tomorrow morning.


    I hope you are taking photos right now. I might be going to San Fransico soon because I am having family situations. It will be nice to leave the my state for a while and see if the sidewalk really does end or if it will keep going for me.
    Good to hear you and Lori are safe. Bring back lots of pictures for us and make sure to write in a journal your adventures.  

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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