JARPA-II (Nisshin Maru et al) Hunt Whales in Antarctica

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    the japanese whaling fleet is reportedly heading into the seas around antartica, drawing widespread condemnation from scientists and environmentalists. japanʹs fleet of at least five ships left japan with a quota of 940 minke whales and 10 fin whales; under the guise of supposed ʹresearch.ʹ the jarpa-ii fleet includes the following vessels: – nisshin maru, factory ship, call sign = jjcj, imo# = 8705292; – kyo maru no, 1, whale catcher, call sign = jkng, imo# = 7214076; – yushin maru, whale catcher, call sign = jlzs, imo# = 9197181; and, – yushin maru no. 2, whale catcher, call sign = jppv, imo# = 9278040.the jarpa-ii fleet left shimonoseki in southern japan (33° 57.0ʹ n, 130° 56.0ʹ e) at 10am local time on 08-nov-05 headed for antartcica.so far, australiaʹs government has refused to intervene. paul watson and sea shepherd (<ǃ-- w -->http://www.seashepherd.org<ǃ-- w -->) are en-route to intervene, as are greenpeace and others. sea shepherd are offering $10,000 usd reward for coordinates leading to their interception of the nisshin maru and the jarpa-ii japanese whaling fleet (see <ǃ-- w -->http://www.seashepherd.org<ǃ-- w -->) any helpful information would be appreciated.if you know of resources that could help to identify the whereabouts of the jarpa-ii fleet or a way to identify their whereabouts please post a message to this board or e-mail <ǃ-- e -->info@seashepherd.org<ǃ-- e -->thank you.

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