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    So, how long before we find out when the 2006 Job Fair will be?

    Thanks! Bing 😕


    Probably not until January or February next year.

    If you could go to the ice this year, would you?



    I think I would! I mean, as the date looms closer it’s harder to say that easily. I’ve applied for a bunch of things and nothing’s panned out, so I guess it doesn’t seem I’ll be making any hard decisions this year. Ooh, I hate how everything should be decided so far in advance…but in many cases you don’t know the outcome far in advance.

    This quarter life crisis business is for the birds. Not that my desire to work in Antarctica is a result of a crisis, rather, it is just one of many things I’d like to do, but how to fit it in and where to go from there. Ahhhhh 😯


    i think the job fair is usually in april, actually. so you’ll have much longer to plan

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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