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    Big V

    Hi Hunter

    I would not go with the suit–khakis would probably be more than enough….you’ll probably look too stuffy in a suit, especially with the jobs you’re applying for.  I would add “shuttle driver” to your list of jobs, funner than janitor or d.a. but may be harder to get your first year–pays about the same.  Also, maybe push for ga or janitor a little more, being a d.a. is really hard and if you can get your “in” another way I would recommend trying.  Brings lots of resumes, gear them towards specific jobs too.  Talk to everyone you can, go the second day and talk to the same people again.  Accept an alternate position if you get one, chances are you’ll make it when someone else can’t.  Good luck!

    Big V

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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