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    WARNING – The job fair is going to be nothing like it has been previously. I talked with a supervisor in Denver yesterday, and the whole HR taking over the world has hit the Informational Meeting. They will not accept resumes at the meeting, the hiring supervisors are not allowed to talk with anyone about the specifics, and they can’t collect any phone numbers, etc. Everyone is only considered based on the application on Raycats and Rayjobs. The positions all automatically get removed from the site when 50 people have applied for the position.

    They are not calling it a job fair anymore, and it sounds like they are doing their best to make it pretty pointless. It was described as a meeting to share with people what working in Antarctica is like.

    So, just so folks know what they are investing in. I’m sure there will still be a few supervisors that chat with folks, but beware that it’s not the old Job Fair.



    Wow, I hate big changes.How bizarre can you get. No wonder they have such a hard time hiring people. I still think the rayjobs process deters people from applying. Still for those of you that are going, I would say still follow the rules. As we said earlier, you won’t get hired at the fair. Get the names and keep in touch. Make sure that when they start looking at the Rayjobs apps, that they remember you. It’s still sounds like the only way to get a jumpstart.
    This would also explain why the positions drop off. Best to apply as soon as you see them on Rayjobs if they cut off at 50.
    To everyone that goes. Fill us in on the new process so we can help people in the coming years.


    UNBELIEVABLE  and no announcement anyplace about the new format.  

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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