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    hi all, iʹve got a place in boulder, co with some floor/couch space to spare in case anyone needs a place to crash in the denver area for the rpsc job fair april 8-9. the house is within a short walk of major boulder-denver bus routes, according to the online schedule, itʹs rougly a 2 hour bus ride, or if youʹve got a car itʹs probably more on the order of 30-45 minutes. a friend and i will be attending the job fair for the first time to try and get jobs on the ice, so we would be especially interested in getting some ʹinside infoʹ from people who have been there. let me know if you might be interestedǃ email (obviously obfuscated) ian (d0t) rees a-t gmail d/o/t com or 720-296-7917. laterǃ

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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