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    I know this was probably asked somewhere at some point, and I know the time is drawing close……but does a person need to attend both days of the job fair or is one day okay? The reason I ask, is I know I can go one day, but trying to get to both is really pushing my luck. Thanks in advance to anyone who will answer


    I can only say that my first time being hired, I flew out to Denver from Illinois.  It seemed silly to spend the time and money not to make the most of it in order to get a contract.  Maybe someone will want to talk to you again, or you want to make sure they know who you are.  I really think you’ve got to sell yourself, make them remember why you should be the one they hire out of thousands of like qualified person. 
    I did get a contract that time, and am expecting to head down for my fifth season.  Good luck.  Ice Friend


    I’ll echo sharons response. It’s not that you have to go a second day, it’s more that you have the opportunity. You’ll be in a room with hundreds of people applying for jobs, many of whom wouldn’t go even if they did get hired. The most important thing here is that someone remembers you above everyone else. The more you show up, the greater the chances someone will notice.


    Well…..I can only go one day…….bummer – reason being is money is very tight and I can’t afford to buy a plane ticket and pay for a room for 2 nights – but my friend who works at Northwest airlines can get me there very cheap but she has to fly with me in order for me to get her companion rate and she can only go one day….so what I’m asking is…..Is it MANDATORY that a person goes both days? By your response, I’m geussing no, I wouldn’t have to go both days. But which day would be better??


    I would guess that going the first day makes a better impression than the second, by that time they have seen so many faces that things may begin to blur a bit unless you have a resume that stands way out. I am sorry you can only make one day but try to look together without going overboard unless its an office job you are looking into.
    Most of all, enjoy and smile, they like that and if you can manage to drop by the same tables a second time before you leave just to say farewell, it makes a better memory also.
    Best of luck to yeh.


    No, it isn’t mandatory. To be honest, I only went the first day (but made it very clear that I was available for additional interviews).

    I suppose it really depends on what you’re applying for. I was in the IT world and knew they weren’t talking to as many as people as the other services.

    My advice, go for when you can. Get a name to follow up with. Try to converse with the person and go in with high energy and hopes (just don’t go overboard).



    Are you Sharon the fire fighter? Friend of Shonda?


    No, I’m a retired nurse practitioner turned shuttle driver Sharon. 


    May I make the assumption you are from MinneSNOta?? That’s where I’m from and still living….

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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