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    A few people have mentioned wanting to hear/share Job Fair experiences, so I thought I’d start a thread where folks could do that.

    I went to the job fair both days. A friend in Denver was kind enough to let me crash on his couch and drive me up in the mornings. Applied for a bunch of jobs on the first day (and got looked at like, “Uh, you’re just a kid with no experience…why are you talking to me?” for a bunch of others.) Came back on the second day to bring some more info, references, and a silly letter about how much I want to go to Antarctica and why I’m awesome to the two departments that seemed like the best fit (Housing and Rec).

    Met some v. cool people. Especially James from Solid Waste who drew me a map of where you could snowboard (“although you might die”) and where to drink. Most everyone was really friendly and willing to answer questions about the Program – kinda made me wish I had some! I’ve been researching all year, so I mostly already knew what they told us in orientation sessions etc.

    Anyway. It was a long, exhausting couple of days, but fun. And I ended up with a penguin keychain, and a plastic seal for the friend who was putting me up. So, even if I don’t get the job, I’d say it was still a worthwhile experience. 🙂


    Hey I was at the Job Fair too, I went on Friday and was there from Noon to about 3:30pm. The only jobs I feel good about is the Project Coordinator job in Denver, its non deploying 🙁 and the other one is doing trash duty…I talked to the guy and said I would love to go to Antarctica and compact trash lol….I would do any job to get to go. Another one was housing I really wanted that job but am unsure. I never got anyones contact info…I probably should have, but I applied for every job that I was qualified for. I told all of them I would be able to go at the last minute too, just in case the primary was full and they needed an alternative. I havent heard anything yet…which is kinda discouraging…but I hope to hear something soon…this is driving me crazy waiting to hear something.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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