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    I realize that the answer to this is likely going to be something along the lines of “just apply for everything you can, go to the job fair, and see what happens,” but I figure that a little feedback would be helpful.

    I’ve been reading as much as I can about working in Antarctica and I’m determined to get down there eventually. Right now, I’m only qualified for the dining attendant, general assistant, and janitor positions (I think. There is only a listing for dining attendant on the job site right now.) I’m currently planning on going to the job fair, but if I am to believe everything I read on the internet, these jobs are filled by doctors and lawyers and other such highly-educated people. Now, I’m qualified for the job as it is in the listing, but I don’t have a college degree and one isn’t specifically required. Does this seem like it’ll be a problem?



    Hi BCIguana,

    Some highly educated people take starting positions just to get a foot in the door, but it certainly isn’t a requirement. Like you, they’re applying for anything they think they can do.

    Aside from “apply for everything”, I’d also suggest that if you see something you’d really like to do — even if you’re not qualified — that you should apply for it as well. Occasionally they may be willing to train newbies.



    The sad truth is that while the program would like to hire trained qualified people in all jobs, the reality is that those people have families and dont always apply. That’s how people with marginal experience get their foot in the door. Right off you should look at all the entry jobs. Carpenter, plumber, electrical helpers all have minimal experience. Dining attendants, janitors as well. Fuels hire a bunch, but they are usually people who have been here a previous season. As Glenn said, apply for everything that interests you and you may find that you are the most qualified person to send in an application.
    From the old posts here, you’ll see that most of us are fans of going to the job fair. As it gets closer to the fair, we can start giving some advice on who and what jobs to look at.


    Excuse me? Plumber as entry level? its not as easy as electrical. Blue to blue, black to black and white to whats left.
    Finally in Iraq and glad to be able to get online at last, took them 3 weeks to get me a log in account.
    I would suggest trying to look over your resume one more time though and see if you can find any ways to make what you have done in your life match close enough to what general area they are looking for. Its not lying, its showing resourcefullness and adaptibility which is what teh Ice is all about.
    J, thanks for teh info and help in getting here, will shoot you a mail later from B6, the best of all sites here.


    Yo, Lucky —
    He actually said ‘carpenter, plumber, electrical HELPERS’.  Of course, plumbing is pretty easy:  straight pipe to an elbow, to straight, to wherever the water is…  😉
    Hope you’re having fun in Iraq.  We miss you here, but you’re in a better place (that pays better, too).


    Thanks good bud. Lovin it here, as expected. Only in the 70s right now but expected to get to the 140 range in 2 months. I think a t-shirt will be overdressing. Light rains last week and only 1 mortar round so far, knew I should have come here years ago.
    You know I couldn’t resist taking a cheap shot when my great and glorious trade is put to doubt and question. Pride cometh before a fall but a full house still beats a two of a kind even when blind dogs play Now for rational stuff, as you can see, I have not been affected at all by this place. We have had some great helpers before but I worry about them being tainted by hanging around Walt too much, scary thought indeed to see the prunelike shriveling in proximity to the ould gezer.
    I hope everyone is ready to get away from there soon, offload and off the Ice, just send me some chills while I bake and work on my tan in the sand.


    Yeah lucky. An electrical helper might actually pull wire. A plumber helper is just going to get the parts.
    Enjoy the desert. Keep in touch now and then and let us know how you are doing.

    Baghdad Jim

    Lucky..yo, how are you liking it so far?


    Jim, If Lucky answers ask to be on his mail list. Quite interesting hearing firsthand about what it’s like having a mortar round land nearby.
    If he doesn’t get back I’ll give you his address, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.
    Are you planning to try to get back to MCM again this next year?


    Mike, electricians need plumbers to get the parts, or the right parts would never be gotten. Jum, Lovin it here, its a blast, literally. Last Wednesday we had incoming while eating supper, had seconds. Thursday morning we had more incomng, was near the DFAC again so I had breakfast while we waited for teh all clear. 2 nights ago at 03.00 we had the alarm go off again, I do not get out of bed at 3AM for anything other than my bladder, false alarm so no worries either way. We had a lot of victims from the Habbiniyah blast come in for emergency treatment, its less than a mile down the road from our gate here. Weather is only about 80 right now so I am ok with that but I am also ready for the 140 later in the year. Hope you have a great time up there, Steak and lobster night again of course so off to feed the fool in me.
    With love and friendship.

    Baghdad Jim

    Mike..ahh,,thanks but thats alright…I’m still out here and will drop you a line about that…
    Lucky, I looked you up and…well, daymn, al Asad?  I feel sorry for ya bro…thats a massive pit life sucking anger-managment courses in the summer.  But look at it this way, its all yours! I bet you guys are paying 50 bux a bottle of vodka! (hint–ask CRG or Aegis)  I’ll kick back and enjoy my 10 dollar bottle of absolute here in the nice northern Kirkuk area of NOT living on a military post anymore—Embassies rule…and yes, I had to rub that in. 🙂
    Mike..I dunno if you were asking me or Lucky (I suspect the latter because you sead ‘back) about trying for McM.  They were kind enough to let me know recently that I didn’t get a position I had applied for almost a year ago….just a few days past.  My current position has stagnated me towards looking onward to the calmer adventures.  I havent even updated my rayjobs profile in a long time.  I think I’ll wait until after I’m finished moving to Beliez before I start entertaining those ideas again…as romantic as they are.
    But I’m always checking up on the place 🙂


    I was in Al Asad for 1 week, now in Al Taqaddum, TQ, nice place on the lake here, can’t wait for the temp to get to 140 and humidity to 70, gonna be a sauna every minute.
    I look out across Habbiniyah almost daily, we are close enough that I can make out individual windows on the far side of town. Ramadi is across the lake and makes such a beautful addition to the sunsets with its evening fires glowing softly upon the crimson backdrop of dusk.
    PAE called me 2 years ago to work on the embassies in eith Russia or China, they saw that I had been to the Ice 2 times then and liked that in someone, they told me to call back as soon as I got naturalised, something that having the Ice on your resume works great for, makes other companies take you more serious. Same when I was called to work at Newport News, same reasons and same instructions about becoming a citizen so I guess its time at last, haha. I think the embassy life will suit me quite fine for the 2 year contract they offer though but I think I will try for the Korean project, more interesting politics in the region.
    I know this seems to have nothing to do with the Ice, but without the Ice on my resume, I would never have been called by these companies, networking is important and I found who to call in KBR through Icers who had been here or were in the process already. Always make sure to talk with as many as you can, not hard down there, and take notes as you never know when they will come in very handy for you.
    With love and friendship.
    PS. Jim, I replied to your other mail, check your junk filter as well, sometimes my mails go there since my domain was hijacked by spammers.


    Hi all,

    Got a question around the original question on this post. I tried starting a new thread yesterday, but I don’t think it went through. If it eventually shows up I apoligize for double posting. I’ve been lurking around here for a while, but I finally had some questions I couldn’t find answears by just searching around here.

    Anyway my question revolves around the Rayjobs site. I got an e-mail that they had posted an opening for what I was waiting for, but when I checked in two days later it wasn’t on the site. I’m assuming it was pulled because it was filled, or had two many aplications, is this how Rayjobs works? The postion I was looking for was Mechanical Engineer (with P.E), I wouldn’t think this would be one that would fill up that quick, but I guess I’m wrong. I was planning on buying tickets next weekend for the job fair, but now I don’t know. I would be willing to work another postion down there, but I’d like to have a shot at this one. Anyway I guess I was just looking for a bit more feedback from those who have been there before.

    Thanks much all,


    Oh I apoligize for any spelling errors, this pop up dosn’t like my Google spell checker in Firefox (go figure, on an MSN site;-) )


    Hi BCIguana,

    Wow, it’s slow on all th emessage boards these days… The pre-jobfair doldrums I guess. Since nobody else has answered your question I’ll take a stab at it…

    > I got an e-mail that they had posted an opening for
    > what I was waiting for, but when I checked in two days
    > later it wasn’t on the site. I’m assuming it was pulled
    > because it was filled, or had two many aplications,
    > is this how Rayjobs works?

    There’s no tellin’. Maybe they withdrew the position. Perhaps they already had someone in mind (which happens, but they still have to ‘post’ it — pisses me off when they do that). Maybe RayJobs is a defective way to do business? Your guess is as good as mine.

    > The postion I was looking for was Mechanical Engineer
    > (with P.E), I wouldn’t think this would be one that would fill
    > up that quick

    Hmmm. Possibly find a way to apply anyway? Bug them.

    I just found out today the McMurdo is probably having a shorter, scaled-down season. Small WINFLY, delayed Main-Body, etc. This may not mean much to you but the Ice people out there may be surprised at the scope of the changes this year (I was).

    The short story is that this will probably confuse everything at the RPSC main office, and things may still be in flux — this is an educated guess, I’m not there. Expect commotion, confusion, and general disorganization. ‘Tis the way things work sometimes.

    Keep going!



    Oops, sorry John — I thought you were BCIguana. No worries. The job fair is still a good way to network yourself into the program. If you’re serious and can’t get a foot in another way, it may be worthwhile to go.


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