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    I just applied for a computer tech position on the RPSC web site.  Sent resume, cover letter, etc.  I was excited to find this web site.  Do you think I have a chance on hearing back from them this late in the season?  Does a 39 year old have a chance, or are they looking for a younger crowd? 
    One other question.  If this does happen, are the positions at McMurdo for one season and they get an new crew for the following season, or is this a permenant position that you can come back to season after season?


    I was 62 my first season on the Ice as a DA. You must re-apply each season, but having been there and have done a good job, your chances are better of returning.
    Average age of employees at McMurdo is 37.


    You never know. Most people that I know of went to the Job Fair, but plenty get hired off the website. Let us know. Sharon filled you in on the rest. I’m 50 and have been going down for five years.


    mike, i, too; am 50…any hope?  my neice and her husband are currently there…thanks  judy

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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