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    Sun Dog

    Ran into this doing some research on EEO. Just Info…that someone may find useful someday.

    EEOC v. Raytheon Technical Services
    No. CV 02-00735 (D. Haw. November 5, 2004)

    The San Francisco District Office filed this Title VII case against Raytheon Technical Services, a Raytheon Company subsidiary that performs a variety of civilian base operations support services under a contract with the U.S. Air Force on Johnson Atoll, some 700 miles southwest of Honolulu. The Commission alleged that defendant failed to hire charging party as a painter when it became the new contractor at the military base because of his race, black. Charging party had worked as a painter for 2 years for Kalama Services, the prior contractor at the base. He had over 20 years of experience as a painter and was certified by the Navy and the Department of Labor as a journeyman painter. Defendant hired five painters, all of whom were Asian/Pacific Islanders, and claimed that it based its decisions upon skill and ability as well as prior experience with defendant. Three of the selectees had previously worked for defendant (in the 1990s), but the remaining two hires like charging party had not worked for Raytheon in the past but had been employed as painters by Kalama at the time that defendant won the new contract. These two selectees had less painting experience than charging party. The parties resolved the case through a consent decree providing $165,000 to charging party.

    http://www.eeoc.gov/litigation/settlements/settlement11-04.html … 11-04.html


    There probably isn’t a large company that doesn’t have several of these types of complaints. It’s often times cheaper for companies to settle out of court than fight the case and win. I think if you saw 50 of these cases spread out over a couple of years in the same location, then you would good reason to be suspect. Somewhere between one person and fifty is the dividing line between good and bad.
    One thing of note is that Raytheon is a corporation. Working for them will be like working for any corporation. A lot of things just don’t make sense, but the corporation makes money. Don’t come to Antarctica and think that you won’t be working just like in the states. If you are comfortable working for a big corporation at home, you will be comfortable here.


    As Yoda would put it, “Without more information, this case hard to judge is.” (Can you tell I have Star Wars on my mind? I actually got to see the new episode the other day.)

    Oh, I digressed. Yeah, this sort of thing happens all the time in large corporations. The question is: Is it a systemic problem, an isolated case, or just someone after a quick buck?

    Having worked for RPSC on and off for 5 years — the entire time the division has existed — I can say that, although there may be a few bad applets in the program, for the most part it’s good folks who respect the ideals of EEO.

    ❗ HOWEVER… Also having worked directly for RTSC on Andros Island (a site similar in structure to Johnston), I know that there are places within the company where this same idealism and accountability does not hold true. There I saw blatent sexual discrimination, tolerance for serious safety violations, pre-meditated theft of time and resources from the government, and other malpractices. The problem centered around a good-ol’-boy culture of post-military middle-managers with no genuine regard for safety, established company standards, or US law. I call them dinosaurs, and I would love to see Raytheon Corporate go in there and kick some serious tukas, if they haven’t deservedly lost the contract already. This is a first-hand account, and anyone thinking of working on Andros should contact me before doing so.

    (*WHEW! That felt good.*)

    So, if you’re thinking of working for RPSC, what should you do? Consider that when I was working for RTSC on Andros, in an idyllic Bahamas location, I rapidly quit and went back to the Ice. Yeah, the culture is that different.

    And by the way, I liked the new Star Wars movie. Awful dialog, corny scenes, but the stunning visual effects more than made up for everything.

    Sun Dog

    I also like movies for the great computer graphic scenes. Those Pixlar movies (CG animated) are not too bad either.

    The EO litigation article I posted, I am sure is an isolated incident.

    Having knowledge of the law is a good thing, just in case a hard working good employee would ever need some recourse and protections from that good ol boy culture you had mentioned.

    Here is a new product picture for you.

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