Just wondering how it's going down there..

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    Greetings from New Mexico.  How has the first couple months gone in winterover?  Maybe I’ll get a chance to meet you both as I might be working down there next austrial summer.  Just droping a quick note.. Be safe.


    Well winter is progressing as you might expect. The sun went down April 24th. It stayed twilight like for about 2 weeks after that. Now it’s pitch black all the time. The temperatures hover between -10F for  the warmer days and -40 for the colder ones. As beautiful as Antarctica is in the summer, it is the complete opposite in winter. Darkness cold and blowing snow day after day. Our saving grace is the galley. You can pretty much count on good food. Tonight is prime rib night. Get the point. It keeps up morale. I hope you make it down here joey, look me up as we pass. If all goes well Lorie and I will be back at the end of January for another winter. Why? you ask. To tell you the truth this place is peaceful. After the crush of over 1000 people in the summer, the 200 winterovers leave us with lots of space to ourselves and the internet keeps us in touch with the world. Still I’m not quite used to  the -87 windchills we had last week. I can tell already that most will be more than ready to get out of here in October. Take care

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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