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    Im looking to see if there is any chance that KC4AAA will have any PSK31 ops.

    Reason is I belong to the PSK31 070 club which sponsors various awards. One if which is a fun one called golf. They divided the earth into 18 equal Golf Holes. Also they allow the Exact North Pole and South Pole stations to be used for any northern or southern QSO …

    Golf hole 13 is the bugger. It goes from 120 – 180 west and 30 to 90 south. There isnt any islands or countries there and no Antarctic stations either (I did work R1ANT for the other hard hole). SO Is there a chance for a KC4AAA contact on PSK31 to finish the hole (I have 17 completed).


    Here is the award page if you want to see what this crazy message is about.



    Hi W7PSK,

    Mmmmm. I do not have a ham license but have dabbled a bit under the KC4AAC umbrella. I was at the pole recently, and while there were a couple operators there during the [austral] summer I don’t know who — if anyone — is operating there there now. The next turnover of personnel will be in November.

    I know this is almost no help at all, but I thought you’d like to know that someone has read your message and given it some thought.




    Thanks Glen, I appreciate the reply. I know that couple 3 years ago someone did PSK31 from there as we had 1 gent that contacted them.

    Oh well,

    I had dreams of going winter over but as an AE in the Navy I could never get an assignement … And WOrking in Boeing I doubt I could get something there.

    Being 53 I think my time is running out to see Antarctica in person.


    Hi Rick,

    I just found this article about an amateur “Field Day” at the three US Antarctic stations this winter: http://www.arrl.org/?artid=7536 …So somebody is there!

    As far as working for Boeing and being 53, why should that stop you? There’s people in their 50’s and 60’s working there. I worked for Hughes until I started in the Antarctic. Now I live in Port Townsend and, gawd help me, I’ll probably still be working on the Ice in my 50’s (which is only a few years away now).


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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