Last Flight for 2007-08

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    Understand the last C-17 mission took off on schedule today, 17 April McMurdo, and should be arriving around noon McMurdo time.  Bet the winter folks are glad to see it coming.  Hopefully they will settle down and have a good winter, despite the on going drama about Winfly.


    They started late and now they are ending late.  Sounds like they get a normal length winter after all.
    Velvet, fill us in if you are still online.


    Gee Mike,
    I shouldn’t visit the group… when I do I just wish I was able to go back! (Well I am always wishing I could go back, but when I visit the group I think about it even more) I will be thinking about all of the fun you guys have! Send me an email sometime if you get a chance!


    PS, in the picture I had just gotten home from the park and taking some pictures on the 10th of April! It was great weather to be out taking pictures, I had a great time! John


    Who knows, Maybe you’ll be back before you know it. How is your back?  That’s what you were having troubles with right?
    It seems to me the heavy shop is always running short of mechanics. You should apply anyway and let them turn you down.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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