Last Minute Recruiting?

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        That sounds like how I have been treated .  But it is good too see your problem , I thought I was being treated bad or being Black Ball .
    Good Luck
    Percy A Simmons


    as for the camp manager/supervisor jobs and opening/closing/being considered…well, the NSF’s budget is in a state of flux and as such, the status of certain projects and their associated field camps are also. Also, it’s a safe bet that there are science projects that are still in the approval process and details are being hashed out as to what type of support will be needed. On the HR end of it, people get offer letters and then NPQ or just plain drop….happens all the time. Bear in mind that the supervisor/manager jobs aren’t specific to a certain field camp…the sup/mgr for WAIS will in all likelihood be filled by the same folks who filled them last season.

    to the both of ‘yas…time for some tough love. You’re not victims here. You haven’t been singled out and you’re not being picked on. It’s a process. It’s not unique to RPSC. Every corporate structure on earth has inefficiencies seemingly built in. A victim mentality didn’t get Shackleton or Mawson or Scott or Amundsen to Antarctica and it won’t help you get here either.

    You want a definitive answer to what’s going on with your application? Call HR – it’s toll free – anything else is pure speculation even though many people on this board have been through it, the process changes and most of us never fully understood it anyhow – we can give educated guesses but that’s about the extent of it. Call HR


    Right Cliff
            What the secret ,why not some Information .
    Percy A Simmons

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    Hi M-

    Um, I think you’re jumping to a pretty big conclusion here. No victim mentality going on at all–just a person asking questions from those who are supposedly in the know (or at least those who have already been through this particular process). For those of us who have never been to Antarctica before it seems a bit confusing at times. I’ve spoken to HR, the hiring managers, etc. I know the NSF process and have worked on NFS funded projects in the past. I’ve spent plenty of time in government, corporate, and university work environments and know that things are always in a state of flux. My questions on this forum are mostly about gaining some insight into how things at RPSC might have operated in the past so it might be used as a guide for what is going on now. I don’t believe I mentioned anything about unfair treatment, being singled out or having been picked on. I’m not looking for a crystal ball–just a bit of feedback.Thanks.


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            It does not take a Rocket Scientist too figure out to make everyone happy on the Applicant end and I am sure less trouble on the HR end too post on the internet sight information on what is going on on a Daily basis . I see no security risk in Antarctica as any country can visit any facility when they want . As for as calling HR , yes you can call HR on a toll free line but ,but you have to have someone you know and someone that know you or you will not get anyone too talk to you .
         What the secret and what the problem with putting out a little information .I have jobs on my site that I applied for two years ago still under review . After all , all of we people who have applied are human , have feelings , and although want too land a job in Antarctica as it is special ,they have to make a living for a family somewhere  
       Why not have a little compassion HR   
    Percy A Simmons


    Hmmm, well it seems that this discussion has gotten a little off track from what I had originally intended. I removed my question shortly after posting once it became clear that people misunderstood what I was asking (or at least how I was asking it).

    What I was trying to find out is what does Raytheon do at the end of the hiring season if there are positions that have not been filled? Do they reassign/move people internally, bump them up, make a last minute recruiting effort for new applicants, reevaluate the current applicants or just not fill the position for that season? My guess is that it totally depends on the importance of the job.

    I realize that members of this forum might not have the answer, but figured I’d ask anyway.

    Thanks and my apologies for the confusion.



    > What I was trying to find out is what does Raytheon do
    > at the end of the hiring season if there are positions that
    > have not been filled?

    Probably highly dependent on the position, department, and manager. Some positions *must* be filled (e.g., doctor), so they’ll go on trying to hire someone until station close at the end of the season. Other positions they can let slide (GA, equip operator, etc).

    > Do they reassign/move people internally, bump them up,


    > make a last minute recruiting effort for new applicants,


    > reevaluate the current applicants

    One would hope, eh?

    > or just not fill the position for that season?

    Occasionally. As I understand it, RPSC *is* financially motivated to hire someone for every position, and it may look bad if they don’t. So they do have reason to try. But again, how they go about doing it is highly variable.

    Hope that helps. Good luck — and be persistent!



    Hi Glenn,

    Thanks for the information. The arrangement sounds very much like other government agencies/contractors I’ve worked for in the past, so it is familiar territory. Nice to get your take on things. Thanks again and have a great weekend!



         I finally got a call for an interview from a Darryl in Denver. I will have an hour phone interview on Thursday moring. Are there any pointers or suggestions anyone can give me to help me get in? What can expect? Rick


    email me at thepooles98 at hotmail . com


    I made it to “interview” status finally. Had an hour conversation with Darrell Kimmes about cleaning up McMurdo. I’ll be a junk collector I guess sending all the access to California in tri-walls and milvans.  All based on funding for this new project.


    congrats Rick
    Retro has been responsible for really cleaning up McM the last few years. Murphy’s law does enter in a bit. Every now and then something that has never been used in 5 years gets need the day after retro packs it up. No way around that. All in all, they’ve made it a lot easier to keep track of the stuff we really need. You will enjoy it. Keep in mind it’s an entry level pay job that puts you in the limelight from day one. Everyone can see if you are a hard worker with a work ethic or a slacker. Most everyone that shines in retro gets hired on in later years if there are openings.

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