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    I’ve run across this list of RPSC’s Antarctic jobs. It is a couple of years old but should be good information for anyone wondering what kinds of jobs RPSC needs to fill twice a year.

    General Positions
    Administrative Asst
    Administrative Coordinator
    General Assistant
    Work Order Scheduler

    Facilities, Engineering, Maintenence &Construction (FEMC)
    Boiler Mechanic
    Carpenter – all levels
    Construction Superintendent
    Construction Welder
    Electrician – all levels
    Facilities Engineer
    Fire Alarm Apprentice
    Fire Technician
    Fire Technician Foreman
    Insulator – all levels
    Ironworker – all levels
    Lineman – all levels
    Maintenance Specialist
    Painter – all levels
    Pipewelder – all levels
    Plumber – all levels
    Power and Water Supervisor
    Power Plant Mechanic
    Power Plant Oper.
    Preventive Maintenance Foreman
    Refrigeration Mech.
    Sheetmetal Worker – all levels
    Surveyor Supervisor
    Utility Mechanic
    Utility Mech Apprentice
    Utility Mech Helper
    Waste Water Treatment Oper.
    Water Plant Mech
    Water Plant Oper

    Air Transportation – all levels
    Airfield Supervisor, ATO
    Cargoperson – all levels
    Cargo Coordinator
    Hazardous Cargo Specialist, Asst
    Inventory Control Spec.
    Load Planner
    MAPCON Data Spec
    Material Requisition Spec
    Materialsperson – all levels
    Materials Trainer
    Passenger Services – all levels
    Postal Clerk
    Shift Supervisor, ATO
    Vehicle Operator – all levels

    Information Technology
    Antenna rigger
    Broadcast engineer
    Comm Tech Telco/Radio – all levels
    Computer Tech
    Helpdesk Support
    Network Administrator
    Network Engineer
    IT Supervisor
    Satcom Engineer
    System administrator

    Medical Support
    Biomed Equipment Repair Tech
    Medical Lab Tech
    Nurse Practitioner / PA
    Physical Therapist
    Radiology Technician

    Science Support
    Alternative Energy Spec
    Boat Coordinator
    Camp Manager
    Cryogenic Tech
    Electronics Tech
    Equipment Operator
    Field Camp Supervisor
    Field Center Asst Supervisor
    Field Coordinator
    Field Instructor – all levels
    Field Safety Training Supervisor
    Field Support Coordinator
    Fixed Wing Ops – all levels
    Heavy Equipment Operator
    Helicopter Operations Asst Supervisor
    Instrument Tech
    Lab Ops Asst Supervisor
    MEC Shop Foreman
    MEC Assistant Supervisor
    Meteorologist – all levels
    Project Planner
    Research Associate
    Sous Chef / Field Camp Cook

    Marine Electronics Tech
    Marine Projects Coordinator
    Marine Science Tech
    Marine Technician

    AGE Flightline Mechanic
    AGE Mechanic
    Comms Operator – Dispatch
    Crane Operator
    Equipment Operator
    Fire Captain
    Firefighter, Lieutenant
    Fleet Operations Foreman
    Fuel Operations – Mech/Operators
    Heavy Equipment Operator
    Heavy Equipment Mechanic
    Light Vehicle Mechanic
    Operator, Communications
    Preventive Maint. Mechanic Welder
    Winter Site Manager

    Hazardous Waste tech
    Solid Waste Tech
    Waste Management Specialist

    Environment Health and Safety
    Environmental Safety and Health Coord
    Environmental Tech
    Safety Engineer

    Human Resources/Finance
    Disbursing Specialist
    HR/Finance Specialist
    Human Resources Specialist

    NANA Services:
    Dining Attendant
    Materials Support
    Prep Cook
    Production Cook
    Sous Chef


    Thanks for that! That gives me a general idea of what’s available and what I can apply for.


    So now that 2010 is here, and Matkatamiba was nice enough to open this thread, it prompted me to login to my Rayjobs account.
    Nice to see I am still in review for one position and that my application is still received for another.
    I guess its only about 8 weeks until the new positions are posted. I’ll have to work on getting apps together again for the ones that make the most sense.
    Does anyone have the descriptions to go along with the list? I’ll see if I can dig up the ones for the jobs I applied to last year.


    This is awesome !!!

    AGE Dave

    Here is a link to the currently posted jobs:

    Jobs are being added every day and jobs are being filled and deleted from this list every few days. I think HR fills the primary slots and then the alternate slots and then removes the listing.

    I do not see any of my department’s jobs listed since it appears that all the slots are filled.



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