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    Do you know have any URL’s to Live Web Cams for Antarctica? I’ve seen a few of the Aussie’s stations, but I’d like to see some of McMurdo, if there are any.

    Sorry about your recent heat wave. I hope y’all didn’t have to turn on the air conditioner…ha ha.


    Hi joanne
    About halfway down the front page of this website is a link to a very interesting webcam here at Mcmurdo. It is interactive. At the bottom of the webcam picture is a panoramic photo of the town. Click on the photo and the camera will move to that spot and take a photo. From there you can zoom. The problem for the next 4 months is that we are in our Antarctic winterl and it is dark 24 hours a day. That makes it a little hard to see things with the camera. It needs some light to focus. If it doesn’t focus try reloading. Once august rolls around you should be able to see the mountains across the ice shelf as well as the town.
    By the way, as I look at the front page I see that some of the photo’s aren’t loading. Is that happening to everyone or is it because of our slow satelite link.
    Have fun with the camera

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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