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    I’ve heard this got posted on Wednesday, before the official contract announcement was made. All I know is what I see here…I can’t see any reason not to fill it out…although take a look at the job categories….


    And take a look at the job categories that are NOT listed:

    Logistics/materials, science support, HR, most IT stuff, food services/housing management, fuel to name a few.

    Remember these jobs are NOT ice jobs for the current summer/coming winter season.

    And that LMCO has to subcontract out more stuff than RPSC did.


    Okay folks, 24 hours in we have real live Antarctic jobs posted on the Lockheed Martin site.

    Try this:
    1. Go to http://www.lockheedmartinjobs.com/index.aspx

    2. On the left sidebar click on “Job Search –>All Jobs”

    3. In the search boxes select State: All; Job Category: All; Job Class: All; Security Clearance: None
    (there aren’t that many jobs listed yet, but you could narrow things down using the Job Class and Job Category lists and/or the Keyword field)

    4. Ignore the Foreign Location and Virtual search boxes.

    5. For LMCareers Business Unit select IS&GS-CIVIL (S8200)

    6. For Program, enter: NSF-ASC

    Hit the search button at the bottom center of the page, not the one on the right.

    Most of the jobs are listed in Highlands Ranch, CO which is maybe 8-10 miles WSW of the RPSC office. A quick Google search doesn’t show any present LMCo offices in Highlands Ranch. They also have a newly listed logistics job in Arlington VA which suggests they’re going to do some stuff there. And that old lab tech job in DC that has been discussed here already.

    It appears you can set up an account and apply, but I haven’t done that. Yet.

    YMMV. Suggestions/updates to this info would of course be most welcome…


    Bill, if you also use the quick search on main jobs page and just put in NSF-ASC in the keyword field, and leave everything else alone, you get all the USAP jobs.


    I wouldn’t read too much into the jobs being listed as “Highlands Ranch”. They probably entered the jobs into their jobs database using the closest Lockheed facility to Centennial. They will undoubtedly run the program out of the existing facility for a while. There is simply not enough time to coordinate a move to another location, transition the contract, and simultaneously run the program.


    More info…LMCO has apparently subcontracted with PAE (Pacific Architects and Engineers), a company they got rid of earlier this year. PAE has posted many ice jobs (66 at the moment)…mostly FEMC types, but also some science support, logistics, AGE (!) etc. Most of these are contract positions, although the job descriptions are quite brief and don’t mention things like that…the PQ process, or some of the other things that RPSC put in their job descriptions.

    Here is the search page…you can just select “all” and see what they have in the rest of the world as well, or put “Antarctic” (NOT Antarctica) in the search keywords field to narrow things down a bit.



    So are the Lockheed IT jobs live for Antarctica right now? I can’t seem to figure out if we should start sending in applications for these, or if there is something else we’re waiting to happen.


    From the types of jobs posted at the two sites, it looks like permanent “Denver” RPSC jobs are to be transfered to Lockheed-Martin while most (if not all) on-ice jobs are to be subcontracted to PAE (positions from Station Manager to painter are in the current PAE list). This seems like a strange and complex organizational structure. Imagine trying to go through three levels of management to get a change request approved – PAE – LM – NSF rather than the current RPSC – NSF hierarchy. It will be interesting to see how well this troika management style works.

    It also seems odd that the Denver folks (LM) may no longer be the hiring managers in their own areas of responsibility, but may have to try to run their programs with employees hired and supervised by PAE. Yikes – what a nightmare that could be for both Denver and the stations, with PAE management having no Antarctic experience.


    [EDIT 1/16/2012: It now looks like many ex-RPSC jobs, permanent and ice contract both, are being posted on the LM jobs web site as LM jobs. ]


    Thanks for the heads up!
    Wonder how the Summer 2012-2013 spots will be rolled out.
    I’ve at least been hovering over my keyboard at the beginning of March for the past few years to pounce on the spots I’m looking at as they post.
    Wonder what similar process will come out. Already set up an account on the Lockhead site, so perhaps I’ll do the same for PAE though it shows up as a Lockhead company. Will it be the same system?
    Ooh the mystery…..


    I have done the same..resume is ready to go..love the group. thanks


    @Sciencetech wrote:

    At the moment, it appears that we’re the only people who know that PAE is posting Antarctic jobs.

    I haven’t seen any mention of them in the press releases or on the Lockheed Martin web site. A persistent search will turn up links on a job web site (aq.indeed.com/jobs-in-Antarctica), but that’s about it. Maybe they’re trying to get their ducks in a row before advertising…

    Here’s another news source with a few quotes from spokespeople…and the statement, “The thirteen-year, $1.9 billion contract begins April 1 and its headquarters will continue to be based in Centennial.”


    No mention of the PAE subcontract. Remember that the bids were put together 2+ years ago before PAE was divested…


    I saw LM posted one of those Reserach Engineering jobs, although after reading the job description, it looks like it’s actually just the Crary Lab Manager position, or what they are calling the McMurdo S&TPS (Science and Technical Project Services) Manager.

    It’s interesting to see as the LM jobs come out and how two different defense contractors (LM and RPSC) call and/or categorize the same job differently. Of course LM is free to merge, morph, or eliminate any current RPSC position that they want for their upcoming contract as they choose.

    I always found the Research Associate (old Sci Tech job) name in RPSC funny. Having worked in academia at various universities, the Reaserch Associate has meant anything from a person with a BS and who had slightly more experience than a research tech/specialist, all the way to someone who has a PhD and is doing a post-doc at the University.


    Just hoping to shed a little light on PAE. I have worked for PAE in Moscow for a year now. There are a number of OAE here. Seems to attract those ready for a change from the ICE. PAE was a division of LM until this past Summer when they were divested to Lindsay Goldberg, LLC. They have recently merged with Defense Support Services, LLC. The assumption here is that when LM bid the Antarctic Program PAE was part of the bid and that a joint operating agreement was in place when they divested should LM get the bid. Frankly I don’t see a lot of difference in RPSC and PAE. Both have some inept management, unqualified folks in positions they should not be, questionable business practices, all nothing new. I would judge my work here as 90% good 10% bad.
    If I am not mistaken Sam Feola worked for PAE at one time. PAE has divisions all over the world and holds the top 3 or 4 major Embassy support contracts, (Moscow, Beijing, Baghdad and maybe a dozen consulates from Afghanistan to Hanoi to Kiev). They have a huge construction division as well as a New Zealand office. Each division seem quite independent which has made moving from division to division trying from what I have herd.


    Subcontracting info from the Lockheed’s website: http://www.lockheedmartin.com/isgs/antarctica/

    Lockheed Martin: Program Management and Integration, Site Management, Functional Area Leadership, Technical Management & Administration (TM&A), Science and Technical Project Services (S&TPS), Information Technology and Communications (IT&C), Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) and Transportation and Logistics (T&L)

    PAE Government Services, Inc: Infrastructure and Operations (I&O), Transportation and Logistics (T&L)

    GHG Corporation: On-site Information Technology and Communications (IT&C)
    SecureInfo: Information Security

    University of Texas Medical Branch: Medical Services
    Maersk/Damco: Transportation and Logistics (T&L)

    PAE New Zealand Ltd: New Zealand Operations

    Best Recycling: Waste Management and Recycling

    Gana-A’Yoo Services Corporation (GSC): Food Services, Housing & Janitorial Services, Retail & Postal Services


    @Zondra wrote:

    Subcontracting info from the Lockheed’s website: http://www.lockheedmartin.com/isgs/antarctica/

    Zondra, you beat me to it! That is quite an interesting list of subcontractors.

    BTW, Gana-A’Yoo (hmmm, try http://www.ganaayoo.com/index.html), the sub for food and jano services and such, is the minority partner, they’re owned by an Alaska Native Corporation as is NANA.


    Hmmm, trying to decipher who would post the Crary tech spots, GHG, or LM.
    Just when I had started to get a handle on how things seemed to work, but then again, maybe the changeup will be to my benefit.
    Thanks everyone for all the information coming in.
    Cheers and Happy New Year!

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