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    Random Hero

    I’m pretty interested in meeting some AGE (aerospace ground equipment) or GSE (ground support equipment) folks that have been down on the ice.  Just trying to see what it might have been like.  So if anyone knows what it’s like for those guys or girls down there, I’d sure love to hear about it.


    To the best of my knowledge, there are no AGE people active here. It is however, a rather large dept in the summertime. In the winter there is just one who does maintanence and repairs inbetween seasons.
    I’m  not the expert here, but I believe Age duties fall along 2 lines. The persons who are inside doing repairs and the flight line personnel. Prior to the planes coming in the flight line mechanics start all the ground equipment like heaters and apu’s. While the plane is on the ground they monitor the equipment. They also may have other duties like marshalling in the planes and standing by with fire extinguishers.
    Not much help, sorry, I’ll see if I can find someone who knows more.


    Are you looking for specific info about a certain position or airfield or a general rundown of the job?
    I’ve been in AGE for 4 summers — both as a flightline mechanic and as a crew lead. I’ve worked at all three runways and in the shop in town. I’d be happy to answer whatever questions I can.
    Do you do GSE work elsewhere?
    Cheers, Jen

    Random Hero

    I recently filled out my Hirerite application and wanted to see what the job might consist of down there. Just your standard questions.  I’m an AGE contractor currently in the Caribbean.  And before you yell at me for thinking of leaving a tropical island, I have to tell you it’s not by choice.  The contracting slot down here was lost during a re-compete for the contract.  I’ve definitely enjoyed my time overseas so I’m not ready to go back to the states just yet.  One of my buddies told me about Antarctica and I jumped all over it. Something to tell my future kids about, you know.  Yeah kids, did a stint in Antarctica.   I haven’t heard anything about the equipment or working conditions, so I was just curious to know if anyone out there had any inside knowledge.  So anything you’ve got would be helpful.
    Thanks for the assist.  You seem to be the go to guy for info down there.  Keep it coming.
    Thanks again guys and gals


    You may want to pack a “Crying Towel” in your luggage if you get hired by
    Raytheon or who-ever to work on the “Ice”, the pay is probably a lot lower
    than what your getting in the nice tropical area your working in at this
    time. Yes its a paycheck and a job but that numbers may be a lot lower.
    Antarctica is a great place to see but it really helps to put the “Adventure
    Spirit” ahead of the wallet until you get a few seasons under your belt down
    there and the pay seems to increase to a do-able amount.


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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