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    Some friends in NZ want to send some things to me at the Pole. Is there a local address for them to use? I’m hoping they don’t have to send it to the US to be forwarded.

    Also, If I buy some things in CHC is there a local USPO at the CDC where I can drop a few packages off on my way to the flight line?




    The only such address listed in the Participants Guide is for McMurdo, but I really think that if you substitute South Pole in the address below it will make it. The folks at the CDC that watch this stuff are great people.

    [Participant’s Name]
    McMurdo Station
    Private Bag 4747
    Christchurch, New Zealand

    You DID download the Participants Guide, did you not?

    There is also guard mail, you can box stuff up and leave it for later delivery. But seriously, don’t do as most people do and send/take way more stuff down than you need, you will just mail it back home. After 3 winters maybe I finally learned that lesson, if I do it again I will pack light.

    Perhaps someone else in the know will comment here…


    Doh, now that I see “Private Bag” I remember that address from the participant’s guide. Sorry to make you look that up for me.

    I will try to take your advice on packing light. The NZ address was to be for some things I thought might have trouble at NZ Customs (like cheese and wool). I was thinking it would be best to just buy it in NZ and not worry.

    Yes, I know… wool? I’ll leave everyone in suspense.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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