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    Big V

    hi everyone
    has anyone mailed their skis before and can you give me any info on cost, packaging tips, etc?
    i’m starting to wonder if it’s worth it–but i also think it’d be really neat to ski out on the runway….
    the ski bag max length with skis is 84 inches.
    big v 🙂


    I don’t know about shipping, but I do know that you can rent cross country skis on the ice for a very small fee (don’t remember the fee, but it was definitely small). The rental skis aren’t the latest and greatest, but they work fine!


    V. I think people have mailed them. More commonly they are hand carried. Hand carry, you can use right away. Mail, — it could be November before you get them.
    Why not go to the post office and see what the size limits are. If the post office will accept it, it should get here eventually.


    Unless you really, really, really (really) love your personal skis, don’t ship them down. Just rent (borrow) a pair if you’re in McM. Plus storage is always a problem.

    If you’re going to Pole, we have plenty of them here and rumors of bunches of new ones coming in early this coming summer season, though you may want to bring your own boots for comfort and warmth.

    One other thing to remember, is that when temps are at their coldest in McMurdo and Pole, cross country skis will feel like you’re dragging your feet across shag carpet (unless you weigh a 1000 pounds the pressure isn’t high enough to melt the hard frozen crystals to get the usual layer of water you need to glide). I know there are those who love skiing in Antarctica in the height of summertime and then there are those like me who winter who would rather walk.

    Big V

    that's really helpful info….and i never thought about just sending the
    boots–great idea!

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