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    I’ve been waiting for this. Someone made a Gigapan image of Mcmurdo.

    Maybe we can get someone at Palmer Station to make one too. Hmmm. I have a collection of panorama shots taken from the glacier. I wonder…


    Neat! A keeper. Although the date (3 March) is obviously a bit off. That may have been when it was stitched together, but the tanker was long gone by then.

    Ella, the Pole w/o doctor in 2009 and 2010, has many more of Pole and McMurdo on her page.


    At some point I’m planning on dropping out of the everchanging techno keep up with the neighbors gadgets. This took me by surprise. OK what is a Gigapan?


    This one is actually straightforward. giga as in the number of pixels like a gigabyte and pan as in panorama. So take a number of high resolution images as you rotate and use some software to stitch them together so they create an image large than a single shot can capture and with much more detail.
    There’s some more neat techno stuff under the hood in that the data needed to zoom in is only delivered if you zoom. But mostly its just cool pictures.
    I did some research work with something like it for video and image compression software that uses a holographic image map to store and predict the next frame. It was really cool stuff allowing for lossless compression at the file size of a jpeg and real time transfer of video over minute bandwidth. It was developed for downloading aerial surveillance to ground troops and had a similar data on demand functionality. Only get the data you need for your zoom factor and each zoom layer utilizes the previous level so you don’t retransmit data.
    Would be perfect for working with satellite imagery in locations where bandwidth is at a premium 😉


    155 in BLUE is still throwing me off, no matter how many times I look at pictures of it.


    be prepared. There are plans to turn everything blue.


    EVERYTHING?!?? Why?


    Imagine a blue Chalet…


    Maybe blue goes better with the Kiwi’s green.
    Maybe OPP funding was increased by a democratic congressman.
    Maybe the Navy is taking over again.

    My bet is that someone made a PO for red paint, and the buyer found a good deal on blue.


    Been There

    As always, don’t believe everthing you see/hear! 😆


    The new Station Manager:


    Actually, that looks ALOT like BT.

    I’ve seen him get so mad that he holds his breath and turns blue. It’s a sight to behold…


    Zondra, the blue is the color of blue on the Antarctic Patch. The plan is to start coloring the buildings to make them look alike. The kiwis are green, we are going to be blue. I’m guessing not everything will go blue. It took the whole summer to paint the Galley. It was too cold and stormy for most of it. At a buiding a year, it’s going to be a long time till McM is totally blue.

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