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    We lost all articles when a foul play group of people was able to get into the website via finding a manager’s password via personal informatiton (the password was the name of the city the writer lived in) and they erased all the articles, banners, everything is gone.
    If you have a copy of your review or banner please give it to the review staff at
    [font=Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Sans-serif:8ufiisps] [align=center:8ufiisps][/font:8ufiisps][/align:8ufiisps] [align=center:8ufiisps] P.S. Although we do not have anything in the new locatiton yet we are still going on as Bush once said “business as usual.” We are having the website of the month and you may nominate your site until the end of the week. You will have a chance to win your own .com and 5 matching E-mail addresses.[/font:8ufiisps][/font:8ufiisps][/font:8ufiisps][/font:8ufiisps]   [/align:8ufiisps]

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