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    [font=Garamond, Times, Serif:pqemdy4b]It was nice to see the new pics, Mike.  You go out every Friday night?[/font:pqemdy4b]
    I’d like to see more of you, Lorie.  Didn’t I read that you work in the store?[/font:pqemdy4b]


    About a month ago Clark Wallis and I asked permission from the Station Manager and Recreation to lead a regular recreation trip out of town each week. It started as an offshoot of a monday night photography class. We try to keep it an adventure by leaving out destination a supprise until the last minute. Since it is friday here I’;ll spill the beans for tonights trip. Last week we had a Tucker Sno-cat. This week we’ll get a different track vehicle called a Spryte. This is the last year they will be used here so we thought we’d drive out on the ice and  take photo’s of people driving in the snow. Sort of an Antarctic Memento. We haven’t decided our destination yet. If the sky is clear and the aurora index is high we will probably go back to Castle Rock to see if we can get aurora photos with the Rock in the background. We also want to redo the photo of the apple with all the windows lit up from the inside. It would make an interesting time exposure with auroras and Castle Rock. If the sky is overcast we’ll go out to one of the airfields.
    As for Lorie and the internet , she is the store manager and gets 50 or more emails a day. It pretty much burns her out to do the webpage. I’ll see if we can’t get a few more photos on if I can. In the meantime  here is a photo of Clark(on the left) and myself at the Route 66 sign on the pegasus road. We are on top of hundreds of feet of permanant ice. The snow accumulates a little more each year which you can see by the almost buried sign post.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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