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    If you have a minute, check out these photos from my Webshots photo album!

    Clark R.[/font:cvlfmc2f]

    [font=verdana:cvlfmc2f]Click on a photo below to view the entire photo album![/font:cvlfmc2f]
    [font=verdana:cvlfmc2f]McMurdo Station Antarctica[/font:cvlfmc2f]
    [font=verdana:cvlfmc2f]Animals Hot and Cold[/font:cvlfmc2f]
    [font=verdana:cvlfmc2f]Travel United Kingdom & Korea[/font:cvlfmc2f]
    [font=verdana:cvlfmc2f]Celebrate 100 years of Airplanes[/font:cvlfmc2f]
    [font=verdana:cvlfmc2f]Lily and more Flowers[/font:cvlfmc2f]

    [font=Verdana:cvlfmc2f]Do you have the FREE Webshots Desktop? Add these photos to your screensaver & wallpaper! If you don’t have it yet, you can download the FREE Webshots Desktop here![/font:cvlfmc2f]


    Clark, nice photo’s. I liked the group photo. There sure a lot of womens faces in it. When I wintered in ’74 and ’77. In ’74 we had a nun and a lady senior scientist from NSF. The first women to winter on the Ice. In ’77 we only had 1 married woman and her husband. Glad to see more more women are getting to experience the Ice in this new millenium. Have you ever thought of adding the camera settings to your photos or are you only shooting auto digital?


    Dear Aubsdadmsncom

    Thanks for the complement about the photo's. I think that most of what is
    on my webshots are digital. Most of the pictures that I shot on the ICE are
    manual manipulation. In the summer it is bright. In the winter it is dark.
    Come to think of it most of my pictures our shot in manual mode. I have it
    in auto mode when I am in a hurry or just shooting snap shoots. Putting all
    the setting of the photo's on the pictures would be nice but would take a
    lot of time and I just do not have it to give. Sorry! Enjoy!

    Well, thanks again.

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    What type of digital camera do you use? Any idea how digital video camera’s hold up against the Antarctic conditions?




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    During the summer most of the cameras hold up well,. It’s a bit hairier in the winter. I have a Nikon coolpix 5000. The first major problem is that the batteries go dead pretty fast at 20 below zero. Bring lots of spares.Better, buy an auxilary power source that you can keep in your parka with a wire running out to the camera.
    I find that if I keep the camera in my parka until I need it , it stays warmer and works better. As does Clark, I almost never use the program settings unless I’m in a hurry. Because the digital’s microcards can hold so many photo’s I tend to take the same picture 5 or more times, bracketing from too dark to too light. Once the camera get cold it begins to act funny. First the focus begins to have a hard time and then some of the buttons begin to stick. Clark, gave me a remote shutter release last year, but it never seemed to work. I had it replaced and this year it works better, but I think that it works best if I can keep it warm. Once it gets too cold it won’t work at all. I also have a problem with the flash control button sticking at temps below -20f. Last year at winfly it was around -50F and the gear that extends the lens broke. I had to send it to Nikon for repair.
    My Sony digital video always worked well (up to this year). I bought a huge battery that almost never went dead and I have brought it with me everywhere for a couple of years. This was the year I was going to make a movie about life down here. I bought the movie making program, a 250 gig external hard drive to store everything on and I was ready to go. Until, the second condition one storm at the beginning of the winter. There was fine snow blowing everywhere and visibiliy was down to around 50 feet. I took a few shots of people making their way to the galley and must have got some snow  blown in the camera, because once I got back inside the camera went dead and never came back to life. None of the techs down here had a clue what happened. So no movie this year. I’ve ordered a replacement for winfly.
    I have to admit that I am very hard on cameras, they go with me everywhere I travel and get bumped and dropped from time to time.
    mike in mcmurdo



    I only spring for the best in cameras, I own NIKONS!!! My cameras have been
    all over the world and they hold up like a tank. My digital is old but I
    have all kinds of gear for it so I just can not part with it, not just yet.
    When other people's cameras die because of the cold I seem to be able to get
    a couple more shots off. If you go to my webshots website you will find a
    pictures of Castle Rock and a light on inside the big Apple. If you look at
    the flag closely you can see it whipping. That pictures was taken at -100.
    My digital is a Nikon 990. My 35mm is a 6006. Nikon seems to be the best
    camera for the cold. The 990 also takes short movies which also works very
    well. I got some great short movies of the Dayton Airshow this year.
    Movies are not my thing. You would be better off talking with Mike about
    movie cameras. For my money, it is NIKON.

    Happy Shooting

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