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    hi all…
    am a member and watching the boards for bits and pieces of life really down under, and all…
    can any of you tell me what happened to the ice…..????
    i heard on the news that a section the size of texas broke off and is driffting away….  that means global warming…..????     or is it the natural shifting of the ice to strech and all?????
    really concerned about it and all…  
    any ole bit of info would be appreciated..
    i reamain…


    The ice has been playing havoc with operations down here. The iceberg you are referring to has prevented the sea ice from melting for the last 3 years now. We used to get open water here in the summer with whales and penguins but no longer. Instead the ice is now 14 feet thick and it takes two icebreakers to get our resupply boats in.
    Is it global warming? I’m not sure that anyone knows the answer at this point. With all the icebergs breaking off  the Ross Ice Shelf, the ice has only gone back to where it was in the early 1900″s. The dry valleys, on the continent west of us have actually been getting colder for the last 15 years. Elsewhere in Antarctica the temps are warming. I guess we need more research to tell for sure. Before long I’ll have some photos of the ice to put here.


    Hi Mike and Lorie!
    Hope that you had a good day. I went to check the temp on your site and i  believe it had a temp of 23 degress F. is this accurate? From now on i am going to put your location in my list for weather favorites so i can be more aware of your weather. Also i have been checking out the clothing sites and see that you are outfitted in New Zealand before departure. I noticed the color of your parkas on the cnn special, is there any reason for this other than for visibility? Were my eyes wrong but i didn’t see orange. what was the color called?
    OK for now I have to go to work. i drive to Buffalo NY every night from akron Ohio and kinda work outside in the elements but nothing quite like you guys there. I also carry a HT ham radio to supplement my cell should that go down. I have read that you carry radios too. what brand and bands do you use. Have a good day.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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