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    I just joined the board and thought I’d say hi to all of you. I’ve put in a resume with Raytheon for the first time. I’m not sure if I’m too late or not.

    I’m very qualified for the position I applied for, so with luck they will contact me. However, I have a feeling about 3000 other people have applied ahead of me. Any advice for the 2007 season is appreciated.

    Oh, I live in warm sunny Florida. Does living here hurt my chances? (do they normally take people in the Denver area?)


    Dear SL —
    I doubt there’s 3000 valid apps in the hopper for the coming season.  You have as good a chance as anyone, even though you missed the job fair, last month.
    What position did you apply for?
    Doesn’t matter where you live.  Yes, there are a bunch of Denver-ites, but also a bunch of Alaskans, Montanans, Washingtonians, and god help us, Minnesotans.  There are also people from Arizona, California, Missouri, Utah, and just about damn-near every other state, including Florida. 
    I’m currently enjoying the winter in McMurdo.  Cold, dark, a little isolated, but it’s home till August.
    Post any other questions you may have.  Good luck.


    Dear Atlas,

    Thanks for not blaspheming us Washingtonians. You failed to mention Missouri. 🙂



    I’m a dumbass. You did mention MO. No excuse. I even read your message word for word, or at least I thought I did.


    Atlas, don’t forget Peoria, Illinois!!


    Thanks MA for the info.

    I applied for an IT Trainer position. Its what I do now for another govt. contractor.

    I haven’t heard anything from them yet, but I’m hoping everything works out.
    My girlfriend and I are planning a move to Denver anyway, and my contract job here is ending soon, and I’m starting back to school for a Geosciences-related degree, so the Antarctica position would be PERFECT.

    How do the daily shifts work? Is everyone working all the time, or is it like 12hrs working, then you have some free time? or is everyone working and on call?



    Yo, SL —
    Well, you’ve got big shoes to fill if you’re trying to be the Trainer (Bill had very large feet…).
    Right now, and this is subject to change, the ‘normal’ workday down here is 7:30a-5:30p, Monday-Saturday, 54 hours a week.  The Training Room is in B-155, adjacent to the Computer Kiosk. 
    In addition to teaching classes, you’ll also be answering questions from the folks using the public computers.
    During the summer, work is going on 24 hours a day, and there is a day shift, and a ‘night’ shift.  The bulk of people, though, work during the ‘normal’ hours.
    This help?


    IT trainer is a great job and I hear might be an open position this year. Thats rumor that the current person might not reapply. That is good for you. There is an IT trainer for the station. Possibly a second one for the science groups, in which case you need to be MAC oriented. Make sure you are an absolute expert in Excel and Word. They are the primary programs that you will need to teach that are also in the states. We have an in house inventory program called MAPCON and is an old DOS program that has been butchered to include almost everything official that goes on in MCM. You’ll have to learn it on site.
    Microsoft Access is also used sparingly. Most don’t know it, but might be a plus. It is not normally taught.
    Good luck


    Thanks, all, for the rough position description. Hopefully I’ll hear something soon. Between this and waiting for my passport that is.. (its taking forever)



    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you too…. and my passport took FOREVER ….but did finally arrive.


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    Any advice on if/how to follow up with my resume I submitted online? Just wait it out and see what happens?

    Sounds like most of you went to the job fair. If it falls through for this season, I’ll definitely hit the job fair up next time.

    Congrats to all of you getting positions!


    The first year I applied online – I didn’t hear anything.
    This year I did attend the job fair – and since then have received many emails on: “your resume/profile matched” numerous jobs.  Not saying they were jobs offered to me… but pointing out the ones that matched my qualifications.  And also for jobs anywhere and everywhere!

    Thanks for your good wishes…. sending them back atcha and good luck to you, also!


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Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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