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    I’m seriously interested in joining the research teams next summer season in Antarctica, and I am wondering if Lockheed Martin has any positions similar to the General Assistant position with the previous contractor. When do these positions become available to apply to online? Are there any other positions available that require no previous experience?

    Thank you!


    I’m not going down to the ice anymore, but it’s my understanding that they no longer have a GA pool like in the past.


    They’ve replaced the “unskilled” GA positions with specific trade “assistant” or “apprentice” positions for some reason, although there is still plenty of snow shoveling and other such work to be done. And the trade positions are listed under the PAE subcontractor rather than Lockheed-Martin. When to apply? Who knows! Many of the jobs are now listed all year rather than just when the positions are open.

    On a historical note, the job “GA” or “general assistant” evolved from the older job title “general field assistant” (GFA). In the 1960’s into the 80’s, almost everything except science support, at least at McMurdo, was done by the Navy, and the GFA’s were typically hired to accompany and assist scientists working in the field. Nowadays such positions are more often handled by specific field camp management/staff, or by grad students or others whom the scientists hire themselves from their grant and bring down as part of the science group.

    IF the government shutdown/USAP shutdown ends, they may find themselves suddenly looking for people to fill out the rest of the season, particularly for others whose contracts have been cancelled or cut short. If you haven’t seen this page yet, here’s a good information source on how and where to apply:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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