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    an Antarctic regular.  I’m one of those annoying Guard guys that flies in with their Hercs.  It was pleasant to see the concern for the NY Air National Guard guys on threads started shortly after September 11th.  It was touching.  We did have people on the scene doing everything from security to search and rescue.  Our command staff were in high positions within the theater.  I will say however, if there was any sympathy among the McMurdo-ites, it was lost during the 2001-2002 austral summer.  We were a bunch of people who would rather not have gone this year and we were greeted with McMurdo’s typical “oh, it’s the Guard, what’s for dinner”.
    Short of that, I really love the community.  I don’t often get to see pictures of the winter, keep em coming.  And keep the Barbeques out of the Airporters!

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