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    I’m deploying as a dining attendant in october, and I was wondering about staying in new zealand before and after the summer season; we’re supposed to be able to spend some time there afterwards, right? and if so, does all of that have to be arranged before deployment?


    Hi! I’ll be a fellow DA too. 🙂 I can’t answer your questions, but I’m sure the others will be happy to fill in the gaps for you.


    Hi Boswell3,

    Yup, you can travel around in NZ after your contract. Nope, you don’t have to arrange it in advance.

    A few weeks before redeployment (leaving the Ice) they’ll have a meeting and explain all your options, which can include FAF (First Available Flight home), leaving NZ on a fixed date sometime later (leisure travel), or having an open ticket with no preset date for flying home from NZ.

    Have fun!



    Thank you!!!!!

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    Hey, Boz —
    Congrats on getting a job as a DA.  This will be a grand adventure for you.
    You’ll have to go through an orientation in Denver before going down, so sightseeing before you deploy won’t work that well.  On the way to the ice, you’ll only spend a couple of nights in Christchurch.
    Coming off the ice, though, travel your ass off in New Zealand.  It’s a beautiful country, filled with wonderful people (and if you’re into sheep, you’ll be in heaven).
    Come January, there will be small groups of people sitting in the  Coffee House, trying to plan the perfect NZ holiday.  Our Store has plenty of travel guides, and maps, so you should wont for nothing.  The ice is also home to some of the most well-traveled people in the world.  Use them as a resource.
    Where are you from, Boz?  And what’s your first name?  I’ll keep an eye out for you.  And watch out for that nikk1 girl – she’s shifty…   
    Good luck, Boz.  See you soon.


    I’ll be the first to advocate that Atlas is a wealth of information.  However, don’t listen to him about the shifty part.  He’s just afraid of the possibility of loosing a game of scrabble to a girl!  😉


    Not a girl…YOU!


    did somebody say sheep?


    haha my name’s christine, I’m from the central coast of california.
    I can’t wait to go down there and meet all of you 🙂


    I finally PQ’d today for Winfly. I’ll be down there when you arrive. Look me up in the electrical warehouse and I’ll get you sorted. Write Lorie for her ideas about what girlie things to ship down. The DA position is tough for some. Others who know what to expect think it is a blast. From what I saw at Whitneys I think you do fine.


    Hey Mike, congrats on the PQ for winfly…and maybe a house somewhere when you get back.

    As for me, maybe next year…


    Hey Mike,
    Glad to hear you got PQ’ed! I sure wished I could! I would love to get the heck out of this house! I think the walls are starting to close in around me!


    oh good!
    Lori's been wonderful, she's given me so much advice and has answered all of
    my questions. thank you guys so much !
    I'm so excited !!!


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