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    Hello, all –

    I’m flying out to Denver from NYC on Thursday for the Raytheon job fair, and I have a few questions before I go.

    1) Is Raytheon no longer using the application form? I downloaded this PDF a couple of months ago, but I can no longer find any mention of it on their site. Has this method of application been retired?

    2) What should I wear to the job fair? I assume a suit is unnecessary, but would nice jeans and a button-up shirt be too “dressed-down”? Should I wear khakis, a tie, nice shoes, etc.?

    3) I’m going to apply for several positions: GA in both the ops and construction labor pools; dining attendant & lead dining attendant; and janitor. Are there any other jobs I should apply for? I have a BA in English; extensive experience in food service; experience working on the assembly line at Dell computers; and several years experience working as a travel guide editor, where I’ve done everything from payroll and handling the mail to, of course, editing travel guides.

    4) Is anyone else from NYC (or, for that matter, from anywhere) heading to Denver? I’ll be there from Thursday evening to Sunday morning, and would like to meet some of my fellow applicants. Dinner and drinks Friday night might be a nice option. If interested in meeting up, email me at hunterslaton at hotmail dot com.

    Thanks in advance for any help or info, and I look forward to seeing some of you in Denver (and, hopefully, on The Ice!).

    All the best,

    Hunter Slaton


    hi Hunter,

    I read that they are NOT taking applications, only resumes. I will be flying to Denver Friday morning for the job fair (from Texas)..maybe I’ll run into you there! If anyone is arriving at the Denver airport Friday mornin early (my flight arrives at 7:40am) & wants to split cab fare with me that’d be great. I will only be able to do the Friday leg of the fair, & am flying out that night (7:55pm flight out). I’m going to dress “business casual” (ie:khakis, nice blouse) and brings lots of resumes.

    If you anyone wants to meet up for lunch (hopefull, there’s an RPS cafeteria!), e-mail me off-list…& best of luck to you and all of us who are wanting a job on the Ice!



    Boy Hunter, You’ve covered a lot of bases. I’ll do my best.
    !) I’m not sure about the Application. Since I’m a returning “recruit”, They emailed the app to me. I’m sure there must be an electronic app somewhere on the site. They are using the electonic apps this year so maybe they no longer have the paper one on the PDF file. The applications are prescreened by HireRight, who do the processing andthe background checks.  I’m not sure if this helps you much. You might also try to leave a message on the discussion board at   Maybe someone there has more up to date info
    2) Well I would say to treat this as any job interview. Lorie says-Buisness Casual. You want to look professional, even if it’s for a janitor job. Wear comfortable shoes as the whole process of working your way around the different booths can take all day.
    3) It sounds like you could conceivably apply for almost anything. With the Dell job also put in for some of the computer tech jobs. Who knows?. There are a number of administration jobs that you might fit into if the primary applicants fall out at the last minute. If you can handle inventory control( sitting in corner, counting nuts and bolts for hours) then try Supply. Apply for all. Hope you get hired right off. If not, hope for an alternate. If you get the alternate position then get the medical done as soon as possible so you are on top of the list if the primary doesn’t make it.


    I have been confused about the application thing, as well….  This was my experience last year:  I downloaded and printed it off the internet.  At the fair, they didn’t have any there to fill out, and said that you didn’t need them… BUT, then they needed them to hire you, and that’s even if they decided to hire you by another reason (your resume).  For instance, they would hire you (off of your resume) and then call and say, “Hey, I need an application, could you please send me one.”  It was a silly process, and so I can see how they may have cut that policy out all together.  I was one of the very few people at the fair who actually had one.  As a returning job fair patron this year, I wanted to be on top of the game and bring the application…. I went to look online to see if the version had changed since last year, and that’s when I hit the same problem – they seem not to want them this year.  I’ve been wondering that same thing you were wondering, Hunter, and I’ve decided not to bring an application, and just my resume… HOPEFULLY, that’ll be good enough.
    As a GA last year, I spent a day working for a girl who was doing inventory on computer parts.  I’m not sure if she worked for supply or IT (Info Technology), but she said they hired her because she had experience with computers – even though this job was nothing at all close to what here old computer job was… So, at the job fair, poke around at all the tables and just plainly ask them what sort of entry level jobs they have… I found that some people would look at my resume, and some little thing that I didn’t find important, would jump out at them.  Put all sorts of varied experiences on your resume.  That’s what I think got me the job as a GA.
    Good luck job fair attendies!  I’ll see ya there!

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