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    Got my PQ ok yesterday so I will be off to Palmer for a fill in gig for 3 months. Complete with 9 day boat ride. We stop at Deception Island for three days. After spending all my Ice life at Pole this should be interesting. On the boat 20 March.


    see ya there…I may need someone to comfort me as I’m puking :mrgreen:


    Lol. I’m already taking acupressure to help with possible motion sickness.. Don’t normally have an issue but its a long trip.

    Been There

    Hey the GOULD is one of the nicest riding ships you have ever crossed the Drake in… have never crossed the Drake before right?
    Enjoy the ride, the worst part with be over in a couple days. 😆 😆



    Anyone of you all heading for Palmer know the hiring manager for the boat coordinater job??? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    hiring manager for the boat coordinater job

    The person in charge is Tracey Baldwin. That might be one of the harder positions to go after at Palmer. Right now they have like 4 people that can do/have done/enjoy and are really good at the job and there’s only two slots per year, September to the end of January and the beginning of January to June. I’m not saying there’s no chance, the current people could decide to not come back in future seasons, you never know. Most of the jobs for the 2009-2010 season should be posted in two weeks, at the beginning of March.


    Thanks for the info iceman. after 4 seasons with the VMF (2 summers & 2 winters) last winter being 08, i would like to get to Palmer. have about 5 yrs of boat mech. exp.


    I haven’t crossed the Drake, but have been across the pacific on a sailboat. I can give a few seasickness hints. The thing to remember is why is it the passenger in a car that gets carsick and not the driver.

    Your body keeps it balance lots of ways, not just the ears as everyone thinks. Your brain merges how much pressure is on each leg, what you see, your ears and a hundred other things to figure out what muscles to move to keep you upright. The drive of a car is looking forward. As he goes through a turn, the motions match what he sees. He leans into the curve with his body because his eyesight is telling him just before hand that the curve is there.

    Passengers get all the same body signals as the driver, except the eyesight part. If they are reading a book or even just looking at the dashboard, there eyes are telling the brain that nothing is moving. The brain cant handle conflicting signals and voila, motion sickness.

    On a boat it’s similar. The best cure for seasickness is to look forward at the horizon. Keep your head level with the horizon and imagine you are steering the ship. As a swell comes rolling under the boat. Anticipate the motion and lean your body just as you would in a car. Your head and body will stay somewhat level with the horizon while your body feels as if the boat is rolling under it. Often that is all it takes to make the seasickness go away.

    You might also take Bonine or Meclazine. Start the day beforehand and get the medicine in your system before you board the boat. If you wait until you feel sick, it’s too late.

    Hope this helps.


    Sounds like good advise Mike, Thanks!


    Mescaline for seasickness….who knew!




    Mescaline probably works, but for other reasons.

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