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    Hi this is Delma from the galley, I keep up with the page and just thought I would drop you guys a line. I hope the two of you are well and that this reaches you OK. I am back working in FL at a local joint cooking but I start a new job for Edison Chouest on Teusday.
    Hope that the ‘new Delma’ is getting the job done for ya. I miss working with Sally and the other crew, but what do you do…
    Take care and talk to you soon
    Delma Irvin


    Hey Delma
    What a surprise. Life is going on down on the ice. Always changing, but always the same as well.
    We are in Crescent City, California trying to buy a house. We may close on one next week. I will be heading south about the same time we get the house. Lorie will be going to school in the fall here and will keep the house warm.
    Lorie works for the local waste disposal company and ran into Devon and Michelle a few weeks ago. I’m not sure if Devon is still a cook, but they are living in the area. Devon was the one who told us to check out CC as a nice place to live. One day before I leave it would be nice to touch base with them. I think Lorie said they have 2 children now.
    Are you working on one of the USAP vessels?
    Maybe we’ll see you in MCM when the boats pull in.


    No I am not working on either of the USAP vessels right away. I am going to Guam to begin with, but odly enough Bobby Logisci (an old galley cook from MCM 03-04 summer/winter) is about to leave Louisiana on the Gould. I just talked to him yesterday and they are scheduled to leave next week.
    I have not heard from Devon or Michelle since they left USAP but I think that I have thier e-mail address somewhere if you would like for me to look it up?
    No ice this year, but I will never say never. I do miss ‘the program’
    Take care for now


    Lorie ran into Devon at her work, so we have the phone number. I wanted to meet up before I left, but am running out of time.
    Good luck on the ship and hope to see you in town again one day.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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