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    Well i am rounding the bend for week number 2 here in Antarctica..
    We still do not have all 6 winter flights in. Weather has been the voodoo of
    Antarctic air travel since Adm. Byrd flying over the south pole in the
    Normally it only takes 8 days to get 6 flights in for winter, i was on
    flight number 1, here we are almost 14 days later and we still have 1 flight
    to go.

    For the first time in months we have gone to weather condition 1 here in
    town, this means wind chills sustained at -100F for more than 1 min. We also
    got our dose of high winds and skin burning blowing snow.. as you can
    imagine it makes walking outside difficult if not impossible. you need to be
    properly dressed incase you get lost in the white-out, this means wearing
    your big red parka, fleece jacket, fleece hat, fleece neck gaiter, snow
    goggles, silk long underwear..(Thanks Becca!) fleece pants, wind pants and
    wool socks and insulated boots..

    Of course you can dress a little light if your just going to jet to the
    galley for a meal or to the gym for a workout… but buyer beware the
    weather is in charge here, we all are it's victim and it shows no mercy..

    I had to work out at Pegasus Airfield the other day, we had a flight come in
    with 96 passengers and some fresh food..leafy greens and fruit.
    One of the guys who works on the aircraft snapped this picture of my
    firetruck with a great view of Mt Discovery in the back. Pegasus is a 10
    mile trip outside of town on the permanent ice shelf between Black island
    and Mina Bluff on White island..

    Also on that same day i had the joy of seeing the sun for the first time in
    almost 10 days, how eerie it was to see the large orange orb of the sun
    sneak from behind Mt Erebus, the largest peak and only active volcano on
    Ross Island where McMurdo is situated. The sun quickly traveled in a right
    to left sliding motion only a few degrees above the horizon, disappearing 4
    hours later…

    With the showing of the sun, we also see fab sunsets.. the pics speak for
    them selves.. The mountain range in the back is the Royal Society Mountain
    Range, some 40 miles across the ice shelf from McMurdo..

    From 77 South Parallel..


    Christopher Post
    United States Antarctic Program
    McMurdo Station Antarctica
    Lehigh County Emergency Management
    Allentown, PA
    E-Mail : n3sig@arrl.net
    Amateur Radio: N3SIG / ZL5CP

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