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    Hi All,

    I’m back in Washington state, slowly remodeling my house and praying for sunshine. In case you haven’t been following our soggy saga out here, Seattle almost set a new record for continuous days of rain and we *did* set the record for the most rain in any 30 day period (or something like that). I’ve been home for a little over a month, after a brief visit to Easter Island. It rained there too, but at least it was warm. Suffice it to say I’m now a poster child for SAD and very much looking forward to a warm scuba trip in the Carribean next month.

    It seems like Janice and I just returned home (well, we did, really) and we’re already preparing for the next ice contract. If things go as planned and we stay healthy, we’ll be deploying in April for another winter at Palmer Station. With any luck it will be a better season this time — it can hardly miss. Station population for the upcoming winter is projected to be somewhere around 14 or 16: a nice number.

    Things are slow on the Antarctic boards these days, not only here but over on Mike Poole’s board as well. I saw that finally made the full transition to, and all the handy links on have gone away– that may explain part of the slowdown on Mike’s site, as he always received a lot of referrals from And with the demise of, iceboard is no longer getting the volume of URL/link referrals that we used to, despite being registered with all the major search engines. Hmm. Maybe I should put the domain up for sale on eBay? “For sale: one slightly used bulletin board and domain name. New owner must like penguins. Reserve price two pints of hoppy microbrew.”

    Ah, the sun just came out. I better run outside and enjoy it while I can. It may be a month — or eight — before I see it again…



    Oh, no……

    Palmer’s got you two again! Wouldn’t mind tagging along. 16 people is a nice number.

    Someday I’ve gotta get to Easter Island, presumably where you took that picture.

    I’m done with my 2-month NZ/OZ walkabout…saw a lot of remote outback Australia, 115 degree heat and all. Sitting in ChCh, waiting to head back to LAX and the midwest tonight.

    My web site too will miss the link (I hadn’t thought to look for it until you mentioned things….)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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