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    Sun Dog

    A trip to the North Pole.

    Following is excerpt from the web site for the expedition.

    Lonnie and Eric began their epic adventure on May 10. is the official web site of the first summer crossing of the Arctic Ocean. On May 10, polar explorers Lonnie Dupre and Eric Larsen embarked on a history-making expedition. Their nearly four-month journey crosses the frozen ice cap from Cape Arcitchesky, Siberia to the geographic North Pole, then on to Ellesmere Island, Canada. The expedition hopes to create awareness of global climate change.

    The Podcasts/Audio reports are of pretty good audio quality. S.D.


    From their supplies list:

    Bear Deterrent:
    410 shot gun with copper jacketed slugs

    That, at least, is one thing we don’t have to deal with in the Antarctic!

    Sun Dog

    Those are some big bears! I think I would be a little nervous sleeping in a tent, if nobody was on “bear watch” !

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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