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    At last my book on the history of the famous Antarctic air squadron VX-6 [VXE-6] is just weeks away from being published. I Hope it be on sale in February 2006

    As it is primarily the history of the Squadron, it does briefly tell the story of the whole Operation Deep Freeze  [the US Navy’s involvement 1955-99 when they handed control over to the USAF’s ANG]. I felt it appropriate to name the book after the squadron’s motto ‘Courage Sacrifice Devotion’; Infinity Publishing is publishing it up in PA. The size is larger than normal books- 8.5’ x 11 ‘ and has 535 pages including 326 b/w photographs and will resell at $US 35.95 and in the main, be sold on-line by Amazon.com. -Barnes & Noble.com. Books-a Million.com and many outlets including Wal-Mart and Ingram’s.


    The book covers the squadron from its formation in early 1955 by Admiral Dufek and the Squadron’s first CO –Commander Eddie Ward, who wrote the introduction through its 44 years based in Christchurch until 1999, it includes complete list of those Americans who gave their lives for Antarctic science- the Squadron’s CO’s- locations named after personnel and the aircraft the squadron flew on the continent.

    I have been covering the Antarctic operations since the late 1950’s when I moved north to Christchurch- writing for a number of national and international papers and magazines- including the old Douglas News and the Lockheed Southern Star.

    But I could never have written or ever completed engaging in such a massive project without the assisting of you guys and sadly those who have departed us. My late wife Shirley’s unending encouragement and of late the immeasurable assistance from of my wife Lois.

    I owe an enormous debt to you all.

    I trust you will all enjoy- trust me, I have every possible endeavour to get the facts correct-as I wrote in my prolodge, I recognized the fact that some stories related could vary a little or coloured from the actual facts due to the intervening 50 years- but their stories illustrate their comradeship. In what must been the most taxing and remote peacetime military operation in military history.

    Yes- there will be those who will question parts of the book- but a least I have spent the past nine years researching and writing your history, so as it is preserve in the annuals of history for ever, so as generation will never forget the sacrifices you guys and those before you have made.

    The book is dedicated to all the proud Americans – both men and women and their families, left behind, who have served their country in Antarctica.

    Your 44 year stay in Christchurch was two way, with the overwhelming hospitality they received from the folk of Christchurch, memories of your stay in the Garden City will last forever in the hearts of locals, as did your brave Marine did during WWII, while on R&R in Christchurch.

    Courage Sacrifice Devotion tells your story. Buy a copy and read- I would appreciate, if you could take time to cut out any reviews of the book from your local or national newspapers/magazines/journals and drop them in the mail to me at 74a Norwood Street, Christchurch 2. New Zealand

    Thanks a million chaps. Happy reading.

    Finally I apologise unreservedly for any mistakes within the book, ever endeavour was made to kept it factual, with some of the guys now in the their late 80’s and early 90’s some stories may have been coloured with the passing of years.

    Noel Gillespie


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