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    I was wondering what costs are involved once you’ve been contracted? Let’s say when I go to a recruitment date and they’re interested in me. Do you get contracted at the normal recruitment date or later on? I’m just wandering how all that works being that I live in Florida right now and I will be flying to one of the recruitment date way out of state.


    I assume by “recruitment date” you mean a job fair? Any expenses you incur are your own. I haven’t heard of anybody being hired immediately at a job fair but I suppose it could happen (don’t count on it — the fair is mostly an opportunity to meed the hiring managers, get more information, and make some contacts). The format of the recruitment events has changed recently so take this all with a grain of salt; it may change.

    Be aware that most of the interviewing (unless you live around Denver) is over the phone. For instance, let’s say you make a good impression at the fair/event/date/rayjobs and a manager calls. Most of the time, there may be one or more interview-type calls until they have a pow-wow back at HQ and decide whom they want to hire. Assuming it’s you, either a manager or HR would contact you with an offer letter… and away you go.

    Generally speaking, the only costs to you will be incidentals during the physical. If you have to have additional dental work or your gallbladder removed, well, again that’s at your expense. But the basic dental and physical exam is covered, and they’ll probably include driving expenses. If they have to fly you to Denver for TDY, psych, or other training, all of that will be covered too. The key point is that, until you’re offered a job, everything is at *your* expense.



    Glenn thank you for your response. That’s basically how I thought it would happen. It’s always nice to have someone who has been through the process telling you how it worked for them though. Thanks again, Jake

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